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SUP Fun on the Zürisee


Where to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Zurich


Where to SUP in Zurich


Stand up Paddleboarding (also known as S.U.P’ing) is the water sport that is taking the world by storm. There is now no longer a lake or river that hasn’t got a stand up paddle boarder on it. The new craze has made its way to the Zürisee and the nearby Greifensee – so isn’t it time you had a go?

History of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Having originated in Africa thousands of years ago, or in the 50s in Hawaii depending on which report you read, it has only recently come to the world’s attention as a major recreational sport. To get started you need nothing more than a paddle, a large board and a body of water. It involves balancing on the surfboard-like object and propelling yourself with the large paddle. There are lots of places to SUP in Zurich – see below for some ideas where you can try it out for yourself.

SUP Fun on the Zürisee

Two Types of Board

There are two types of board basically the hard board and the inflatable board. The inflatable boards seem to be gaining in popularity as they have the added benefit of portability and when deflated take very little space indeed.

SUP fun on the Zurichsee

Places to Rent SUPs and Take Lessons

Gearloose in Erlenbach and Meilen

One place you could try is called Gearloose in Erlenbach and as well as this location they are also at the Badi in Meilen. This company offers a complete stand up paddle boarding experience ranging from 30 minute rentals for just 20 CHF all the way up to a full on 150 CHF per person paddle boarding / fondue experience. Within that price range you have incremental amounts of time plus tuition for beginners. For more information see the Gearloose website and for Gearloose rentals at Badi Meilen see here.

SUPSWSISS in Wollishofen

In Zurich itself there is the SUPSWISS school which is located close to the Rote Fabrik in Wollishofen. As well as renting out the equipment they also run courses which cost in the region of CHF 99 and are geared to the level you need. They speak English and also Spanish. For more information see the SUPSWISS website.

SUP at Badi Enge

Situated right in the centre of Zurich not far from Bürkliplatz is the Badi Enge. As well as swimming, sunbathing and serving snacks and drinks they also offer SUP hire. You can rent an SUP for approximately 35 CHF per hour but they also have various subscriptions or “Abos” on offer too. Additionally they offer courses and also SUP yoga. For more information please visit the Badi Enge website.

SUPKULTUR at Badi Tiefenbrunen

Brand new for 2016 SUPKULTUR are renting out both hard an inflatable SUP boards at Tiefenbrunnen. You can hire from CHF 30 per hour and there are various subscriptions available too. For more information please visit the SUPKULTUR Tiefenbrunnen website.

SUPKULTUR at Badi Mythenquai

SUPKULTUR are also at Badi Mythenquai too – for more information please visit the SUPKLUTUR Mythenquai website here. 

SUPKULTUR at Badi Utoquai

At Badi Utoquai you can only hire stand up paddle boards on a subscription basis. Visit the SUPKULTUR Utoquai website for more information.

Ceccotorenas SUP in Stäfa

Another great place to try your luck on a board is in Stäfa at the end of lake Zurich. Ceccotorenas offers SUP excursions for 1 hour for 25 CHF. They also offer group tutoring sessions for 50 CHF per person or private tutoring for 80 CHF per person. For more information see the Ceccotorenas website 

2 Legends Kilchberg

You can also hire SUPs in Kilcheberg (and additionally in Lenzburg) at 2 Legends. Visit the 2Legends website for full information.

Aloha Wind Surf School in Thalwil

Another option on the Silver Coast to hire SUPs is Aloha Wind Surf School in Thalwil. Visit the Aloha website here for further information.

SUP – Maur on the Greifensee

You could also test your balance and coordination in Maur, on the smaller lake called the Griefensee. This has the benefit that it is much quieter than the Zürisee and you won’t get disturbed by any freak waves from paddle steamers or speed boats. SUP-Maur offers SUP rentals for just 25 CHF per hour on the smaller lake of Zurich along with an entrance fee of CHF 5 to get into the Badi. They also offer fitness and training courses at 45 CHF per Person. For more information see the SUP-Greifensee website

SUP Fun on the Zürisee

Where to Purchase  Your Board

If you’re thinking of purchasing a board you can buy boards at Surfari in Zurich which is where we bought our board. Not only do they have the expertise to advise you on what board would be most suitable for your needs but they are also extremely helpful and ready to answer any of your questions. Don’t worry too much about carrying them home via public transport as most of the inflatable ones roll up into a surprisingly small bundle and they usually come with a carrying bag for transportation.

Where to Mend Your Board

Hopefully it never happens, but life is full of accidents and if for any reason you break a fin (this apparently is one of the commonest accidents – so take care!) or damage your board in any way, you will need to get it fixed. Surfari in Zurich can help you in this matter too.  You can find Surfari at:

Surfari GmbH
St. Jakobstrasse 39
8004 Zürich

Surfari Website

Beginners Tips for Stand Up Paddleboarding

It’s best to start off on a calm day with little wind and flat water. Begin by kneeling on the board and only when you feel confident stand up. You may start wobbling a bit when you first start off but very soon you will find your equilibrium and of course practice makes perfect!

Try and keep within 300m of the lake shore as otherwise you need a lifejacket – but if you’re nervous about deep water do wear one anyway. Of course watch our for other traffic on the water! If you’ve never tried it before it’s a wise idea to take lessons and many of the rental locations also offer courses.

Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding

What’s more is that Stand Up Paddleboarding can help make you fit. It’s suitable for all ages and you use your balance and strength to remain upright and propel yourself through the water, giving you a great core workout. Almost every muscle in your body is used at some point. You also use the arms, back, and shoulders to propel the paddle-board and of course it is also a very low impact exercise.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports on the planet. With the lake on our doorstep in Zurich maybe you too will catch SUP fever?

Sunset over lake Zurich

with thanks to Jan de Boer

All prices were correct at time of going to press and are just to give you an indication. Please contact the rental shops directly to get the exact price for rentals and tuition. Have fun!


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Paddle Boarders Do it Standing Up on Lake Zurich


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