Cashmere in Zurich for a great cause: Luxe4Education

Cashmere scarves in Zurich

Cashmere in Zurich for a great cause: Luxe4Education


Luxury cashmere sales in Zurich

Luxe4Education is a great charity initiative devised by Marie Longin as a way of helping blind Chinese orphans get education through the sale of luxury cashmere. She set up Luxe4Education with this aim in mind, after living in Shanghai and starting a foster home there to provide care for blind orphans.

This Autumn as the temperatures start dropping and the leaves are turning golden, for the fourth year in a row Marie is launching another cashmere season in Zurich! The latest collection consists of beautiful cashmere pieces, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, ponchos, scarves and shawls, lots of accessories… as well as selected leather items and a fantastic line of socially-responsible jewellery Once again 100% of the profits generated will benefit projects and organisations that supporting the education of orphans in China.

Dates of the Cashmere Sale in Zumikon and Zurich

the charity Luxe4Education will be presenting a new collection of elegant and luxurious pieces for men and women. The sale will take place at Weid 13 in Zumikon on October 4th, 5th and 6th from  11am until 5pm, and on November 8th from 10am until 1pm at the offices of The Learning Center, Hallenstrasse 15 in Zurich, just behind the Opera house. There will also be a third sale on 7th, 8th and 9th December Weid 13 in Zumikon.

To find out more about the project please read the interview below when Marie explained to NewInZurich  how it all started and how she began selling cashmere for a great cause in Zurich.

Luxe4Education How it all Started

NiZ : What inspired you to start Luxe4Education?

Marie : It all started when we were in Shanghai, where I joined a local well established organization called Mifan Mama (the “rice mothers” in Mandarin). The core mission of this group was to provide rice to orphanages across China. Visiting the orphanages, we noticed that the blind children were often left to themselves, sitting on a chair for hours, as they did not have the skills to move around independently. We decided to create a home for them, where they would live in a family environment, learn independent living skills and autonomy, so they could eventually attend school.

When we moved to Zurich I wanted to stay involved.  Because I love cashmere, I decided to start Luxe4Education : a 100% non profit organization that sells cashmere goods and funds projects in China that promote the education of orphans.

NiZ : How were you involved with the children in China ?

Marie : After we had spent almost a year working on creating this home for blind orphans, it finally opened in June 2012. My role as Education Program manager was to create a curriculum for each of the children we had (6 at the time, aged between 1 and 8 years old), and with a group of volunteers to teach the children every morning. It was an absolutely amazing experience, watching the children literaly blossom as time went by. I will always remenber a little girl who was afraid of everybody and everything when she first arrived. With time, she acquired self confidence, attended class with the others, developped her gross and fine motor skills, and was happy as can be.Chinese orphans Luxe4EducationNiZ : How would you describe your cashmere collection ?

Marie : This story also started in Shanghai, where I met an amazing Franco-American couple who established a leading cashmere company 15 years ago and they are now manufacturing for many luxury brands in France. When I told them about my project, they were immediately enthusiastic, and we built a collection together. I would describe the collection as “classic”, with well cut V-necks, turtle-necks and cardigans, and some long pieces with or without buttons. All come in 7 different colours.  We haven’t forgotten men either, and my favorite piece for them is a gorgeous bi-colour sweater with elbow patches. There are also a lot of accessories : scarves and shawls (an amazing two-metre long one that feels so luxurious !), hats, gloves … and lots more. Prices are very competitive around half the normal retail price.


2017 Dates and Locations for Cashmere Sale

First sale: 4th5th, and 6th October 2017 11am – 5pm

The sale will take place at Weid 13 in Zumikon.

Second sale: November 8th from 10am until 1pm

at the offices of The Learning Center, Hallenstrasse 15 in Zurich, just behind the Opera house.

Third sale: 7th, 8th, and 9th December 2017 11am – 5pm

The sale will take place at Weid 13 in Zumikon.

If you would like to see the collection at Weid 13 in Zumikon please email

For more information and the latest updates on what the Foundation is achieving for the charities please go to the website. 


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