Colourwoods Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten in Küsnacht

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Colourwoods Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten in Küsnacht


Colourwoods Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten in Küsnacht


Tips on Choosing a Kindergarten


Lots of new people will be arriving in Zurich this Autumn and maybe you will be one of them looking for a Kindergarten for your pre-schooler. There is lots of choice in Zurich, but how do you know where to find a welcoming and supportive environment that will both nurture and educate your precious offspring? We spoke to Ximena Rudolph from one of the top Kindergartens in Zurich to get some tips on the things you need to bear in mind when selecting the ideal early years environment for your child.

ximena Rudolph Colourwoods Montessori

Ximena runs Colourwoods Montessori Kindergarten in Küsnacht, a bilingual school for children aged 3 to 6 ½. Known as a trusted and happy environment in which to nurture your children for many a family, it was originally founded in Zumikon, where it operated for 7 years before moving to new premises in Küsnacht. It’s now been 7 years in Küsnacht, and this year is Colourwoods’ 14th birthday.


Top Tips on Choosing a Kindergarten

If you’re looking for a Kindergarten for your child there are many things to bear in mind. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Choose a style of learning that best suits your child’s needs – children benefit from a type of learning that supports their own personality and interests. This kind of environment can help them develop the traits that make them unique and help them grow as individuals, as well as learning the key attitudes that become foundations for inspired learners later on in life.
  2. Introduce your children to a varied, mixed environment. For example, learning and working with older students can give your children a chance to experience maturity and responsibility first-hand, while working with younger students can give them an opportunity to practice those responsibilities. Or, working with children from different cultures can help them become more internationally aware, as well as integrating into the Swiss environment.
  3. Look for groups that learn and work well together. Your child will learn how to interact with other kids as well as their teachers and learn important social skills, ideas about respect, and learn about Swiss and international societies, helping them adapt and integrate into Switzerland.
  4. Look for schools that support learning in multiple ways. Children learn better when they are allowed to learn in ways that stimulate all of their senses, as it is easy for them to get bored when their curriculum conforms strictly to writing and reading. Additionally, children who learn to work in many different ways figure out what’s best for them more easily, a fact that will be very valuable later on in life.

Colourwoods Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten in Küsnacht

Parents speak warmly about the loving environment that the Colourwoods Kindergarten exudes – but also about the wonderful sense of self confidence that this unique style of education brings to the child. The children are encouraged to learn by touching, exploring and doing things by and for themselves. They are also motivated to choose which materials they have the most interest in so they may stay engaged and focused while developing their practical, organisational and concentration skills in multiple languages.

At Colourwoods, the classrooms are equipped with child sized furniture and specially designed materials supporting the key Montessori values of independence and  development. In these classrooms, the children choose specific activities with practical, sensory, linguistic, mathematic, cultural and artistic focuses, and work at whatever pace they feel is best for them. They also interact in groups of varying sizes, so that they may learn from each other, and by teaching each other.


Each student or group of students is guided by one of the four certified teachers working with the school, three of whom have Montessori qualifications, and one of whom has been certified to work with Oxford Reading Tree, the number one reading program in the UK, as well as Jolly Phonics, a program based on teaching literacy through sound.

Celebrating 14 Years in the Community

Colourwoods is an independent school, which has just celebrated 14 years in the community. It has been officially recognized by the Canton of Zurich Department of Education; this means that children are allowed to complete all of their kindergarten years there, instead of having to switch to a public kindergarten for their second term. Because of its central location (very close to Küsnacht station) it is also convenient and easy to access, and because the attending children live close by, it is easy for them to have playdates with each other.

Parents who have sent their children to the Colourwoods Montessori Kindergarden have been extremely satisfied with the school, one of them describing it as “the perfect transition for my little girl!” Another parent says, “Our experience with Colourwoods has been excellent! I would recommend it 100%.” The enthusiasm with which these parents speak about Colourwoods is a testament to the caring and nurturing environment that the Montessori provides.

Need Advice?

If you are looking for a Kindergarten for your child and have any questions or need any advice, Ximena would be delighted to arrange a private appointment to show you around Colourwoods Kinderhaus and explain how the Montessori system operates. Ximena can be contacted at:

Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus

Postsrasse 25

8700 Küsnacht

Tel: +41 79 507 41 96

Email: kinderhaus at 



For more information, visit the Colourwoods Montessori website here.


This article was written by Yuji Aoyama in conjunction and with the support of Colourwoods Montessori

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