Knabenschiessen Zurich

Updated for 2019

Knabenschiessen Zurich

Knabenschiessen Zurich

7th – 9th September 2019

Knabenschiessen Zurich

The Tradition of Knabenschiessen in Zurich

One of the old traditions in Zurich which still continues today is the shooting contest known as Knabenschiessen. It dates back to 1899 and these days it’s open to both boys and girls, though originally it was a “boys only” competition to get them interested in target shooting and inspiring them to join the Swiss Army.

Schützenkönig and Schützenkönigin

Around 5,000 boys and girls aged 13 to 17 take part in the Knabenschiessen shooting contest each year in Albisguetli in Zurich. The boy gaining the highest score is called “Schützenkönig”, or “Shooting King”and the girl with the highest score is named “Schützenkönigin” or “Shooting Queen”.

Half Day Holiday in Zurich

It also came about from the compulsory shooting practice that boys used to practice during the Summer holidays to hone their rifle skills. What’s more is that Knabenschiessen is an unofficial half day holiday on the Monday for many businesses in Zurich too.

Knabbenschiessen 2013

Funfair and Target Shooting

The whole area in Albisguetli is transformed into one great big “Chilbi” or funfair with lots of rides with amusements, rides and attractions.

Knabbenschiessen 2013

There is a market too with street food stalls and all the surrounding streets are closed to traffic so it’s best to take public transport to get there. For the children taking part there are prizes for the winners as well as for runners up with good scores.

Knabenschiessen Zurich


For more information please go to the Knabenschiessen website.


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