Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Mountain Carting, Trotti Bikes and the First Flyer

at Grindelwald First


The Jungfrau region is one of the most visited areas of Switzerland offering a whole host of activities all year round. We visited the Grindelwald First part of the Jungfrau region and discovered plenty of fun and action for all the family.

Grindelwald First

After leaving Zurich on an early train we alighted in Grindelwald, a picturesque village located at 1,034m above the sea level, at the foot of Eiger. The village has been attracting visitors since the end of the 18th century as it is the usual starting point for ascent of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn.

1Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

You can start the day by taking the First aerial Cable way, a 6 seated aerial gondola which takes you from the picturesque Grindelwald village to Grindelwald First (2168m).

Jungfrau Region Switzerland

The journey takes less than 30 minutes and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and also of the Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and Eiger peaks.

Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Families with small children can stop at the intermediate station of Bort, where young children will be delighted to find a playground with a variety of seesaws, swings, climbing and balancing frames – it will keep them occupied for hours!

Playground at Bort Grindelwald First

Once you’ve arrived at First you can have lunch in the First Mountain Lodge Restaurant before going on the amazing round tour round the First Cliff Walk by Tissot. It’s a 40m long single rope hanging bridge and a metal walkway which offers spectacular views. You can see the Eiger peak and the glacier too. The Cliff Walk is suitable to everyone (even if you are afraid of heights). Don’t forget to  take your photo the end of the bridge above the abyss !

First Cliff Walk Tissot in Jungfrauregion

If you want to stay overnight, the First Mountain Lodge offers 110 beds in 4 bed rooms and dormitory accommodation. Grindelwald First is also the starting point for a short hike to Bachalpsee, which you may have read in our previous post about Grindelwald First here.

Trott Bikes at Grindelwald First Jungfrau

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush why not go for the “Adventure Card” which gives you the opportunity to try out all three attractions: the mountain carts, the zip wire called the “First Flyer” and Trotti bikes.

Trott Bikes at Grindelwald First

Mountain carts at Grindelwald First

We took the First aerial cable from Grindelwald to Schreckfeld and then let the mountain carts take us downhill to Bort (more than 3 km mountain trail). The Mountain Carts are suitable for children 10 years and above as long as they’re 135cm or over.

Mountain carts Grindelwald Photo Richard Fryer

Another option is to take the cable car to Grindelwald First and experience the First Flyer, a unique attraction in Europe which lets you glide for almost 800m down the valley at the incredible speed of up to 84km/h!

First Flyer at Grindelwald First

You can choose a speedy descent by Trotti bike from Bort all the way downhill to Grindelwald. However, don’t forget to stop from time to time to admire the stunning views of the mountains.

Family Fun and Adventure in the Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Photos and article by Carmen Sirboiu

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First Cliff Walk by Tissot at Grindelwald-First


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