The Märlitram Rides Again in Zurich

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The Märlitram Zurich

The Märlitram Rides Again in Zurich

Jelmoli Märlitram Zurich

Children’s Christmas Tram Zurich

22nd November – 24th December 2019

Jelmoli's Märlitram Zurich

Photo courtesy of Jelmoli

The Märlitram is a special Christmas tram in Zurich only for children. Driven around town by Santa Claus and  accompanied by two angels telling Christmas stories, it’s always a hit!

Dates: 22nd November – 24th December 2019

The Jelmoli Märlitram runs daily from 22nd November to 24th December (except on 24th November when the Samichlaus procession takes place and on 15th December when the Sylvesterlauf is on in Zurich. The rides begin and end at Bellevue tram stop and go at regular 25 minute intervals between 1.35pm and 6.50pm. The rides are only for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old.

Weektime Rides

Monday to Friday 13 rides per day:

1:25 pm / 1:50 pm / 2:15 pm / 2:40 pm / 3:05 pm / 3:30 pm / 3:55 pm / 4:45 pm / 5:10 pm / 5:35 pm / 6:00 pm / 6:25 pm / 6:50 pm

Weekend Rides

Saturday & Sunday – 16 trips per day:

12.10 pm / 12.35 pm / 1.00 pm / 1.25 pm / 1.50 pm / 2.15 pm / 2.40 pm / 3.05 pm / 3.30 pm / 3.55 pm / 4.45 pm / 5.10 pm / 5.35 pm / 6.00 pm / 6.25 pm / 6.50 pm

On Christmas Eve, 24th December, the last ride is at 3:05pm

Children Aged 4 – 10 years

Children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old can embark on a fun-filled 25 minute journey around Zurich and the little passengers can enjoy the ride from Bellevue to Limmatquai and Central, along Bahnhofstrasse and back to Bellevue.

Jelmoli Märlitram Zurich


Tickets cost CHF 8 per ride and need to be purchased not at Bellevue, but at the Customer Service Department on the 4th floor at Jelmoli.  You can only buy tickets 7 days in advance – except for the first week when you can buy for anytime that week. Do get there early as tickets for this tram just fly out of the door! Jelmoli Card holders can order tickets by credit card from 8.30 am (except on Sundays from 10 am).

Telephone numbers: 044 220 45 29 or 044 220 45 30

Sadly, adults are not allowed to join in the fun on board!

Jelmoli Märlitram Zurich Celebrates 60 years

Last year Jelmoli celebrated 60 years of the Märlitram and they took the opportunity to decorate the store as a Märlitram.


Address: Seidengasse 1, 8001 Zürich

Tel:  +41 44 220 44 11

The Märlitram Zurich


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