Wine Tasting at Schloss Sihlberg with Mercure Hotels

Schloss Sihlberg Zurich


Wine Tasting at Schloss Sihlberg with Mercure Hotels


Schloss Sihlberg Zurich

The other day we were delighted to be invited to a wine tasting event by Mercure Hotels at Schloss Sihlberg, located at the highest point of the Enge neighbourhood in Zurich. The villa is very grand and at 1750 squares metres is the biggest in the whole of the canton, and probably the most unique. When we arrived in the darkness of a late November evening you could not fail to miss it as it was illuminated with pink and purple lighting and could be seen for miles.

Wine tasting at Schloss Sihlberg for Mercure

The architect of Schloss Sihlberg was August Heinrich Müller from Schaffhausen and the villa was built in 1898 for Albert Heinrich Hürlimann-Hirzel, head of the brewing dynasty and his family. It was conveniently located right next to the Hürlimann brewery. Some modifications were made to the building in 1911 and in 1922, and from 1977 to 1980, the building housed the Rudolf Steiner School Zurich in part of the villa. The last of the family to reside there, Martin Hürlimann, died in residence in the year 2000.


In 2005 Schloss Sihlberg was sold to architect Edgar Schwyn, who has restored it extensively. Various rooms can now be rented for weddings, functions and events and that’s how we came to be at the wine tasting event for Mercure. As Accor Hotel Services COO, Philippe Alanou (above), who opened the event explained, knowing about places like this in every city is part of every Accor concierge’s role.

Schloss Sihlberg Zurich

We were treated to delectable amuse-bouches in the hall, before making our way down to the cellar where we tried 4 white wines, 4 rosés and four reds. We had to mark each one out of a maximum score of 6, and the best of the selections are going to make it to the Swiss wine list for all Mercure hotels in Switzerland for 2017.

Wine tasting at Schloss Sihlberg for Mercure Hotels

After tasting all 12 wines it was time to have dinner in one of the grand reception rooms upstairs. It was a great evening in a beautiful and elegant villa in Zurich.

Wine tasting with Mercure at Schloss Sihlberg Zurich

Schloss Sihlberg is located at: Sihlberg 10 8002 Zürich Tel: 044 392 29 22

Schloss Sihlberg Website.

So next time you visit a Mercure Hotel in Switzerland make sure you check the wine list and do taste the wines! We hope you like our choices!

Mercure Hotels website Switzerland 


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