Discovering the Port Producing Area of the Douro


Discovering the Douro


Discovering the Port Producing Area of the Douro

If the cold January temperatures are getting you down, it’s always good to look forward to the Spring and Summer. If you read part one of our trip to Porto and the Douro Valley, you may remember we experienced wonderful warm sunny weather when we visited Porto in Portugal early last Summer. After visiting and taking a tour of Graham’s Port Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia, we then headed further along the Douro Valley amongst the stepped vineyards. The views as we approached were breathtaking.

grapes in Portugal

We were lucky enough to have a tour around the vineyards and to be invited to stay at the Quinta dos Malvedos, a private residence owned by Graham’s.

Quinta dos Malvedos

It is a family house and previous guests include retired British Prime ministers and other dignitaries.

Quinta dos Malvedos Douro Valley

It was an honour to stay in such a beautiful location deep in the heart of the port wine making countryside and to take in the stunning views.

Quinta dos Malvedos in the Douro valley

Quinta de Roriz

From Quinta dos Malvedos we took a boat trip along the Douro river to Quinta do Bomfim. With the sun beating down and the wind in your hair it’s a beautiful way to take in the views as you pass vineyard after vineyard with lush green vegetation. En route to our destination we stopped at Quinta de Roriz  to see that the Douro valley doesn’t produce grapes soley for port but for wine too.

Boat trip on river Douro

This winery was founded by Rupert Symington and Bruno Prats to produce Douro wine and it is here that the award-winning Chryseia wine is produced here along with a second label called Post Scriptum. After a tour of the wine making facilities and the vineyard (and yet more stunning views) we resumed our journey along the river to Bomfim.

Quinta do Bomfim

Quinta do Bomfim is located close to the Pinhão railway station and marina in the heart of the world’s oldest demarcated wine region, the Upper Douro Valley.

Quinta do Bomfim Douro

The Symington family have worked here for five generations and there is lots to see and do here – you can visit the wine cellars, taste the port and walk through the vineyards.

Quinta do Bomfim Portugal

You can even order a picnic in advance and enjoy it sitting amongst some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine.

Douro Valley Portugal

The boat ride was a particularly spectacular way to travel as from the water you get a fabulous view of the vineyards. The whole area is stunningly beautiful and the tour was really informative and interesting. After learning all about the processes you go away really respecting the time, dedication and know-how that goes into producing premium port.

port making grapes

Lunch at Quinta do Bomfim and Back Home

We finished with lunch at the private house belonging to the Symingtons and what could be better than having an Aperitif on the terrace of chilled white port and tonic. Yes, I know, white port is something I’d never tried before too – but not only is it refreshing in the heat (just add tonic water, ice and lemon) – it makes a great cocktail – don’t just take my word for it – do try it!

White Port

After the wonderful lunch it was time to be taken back to the airport and to wave the beautiful Douro Valley goodbye.

glass of Graham's port

I’ve definitely now got an appreciation for this most of interesting of drinks and I know I can’t wait to come back to this fabulous region of Portugal.

aeroplane travel


If you’d like to visit Porto and the Douro Valley please find below some useful links:

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 – Quinta de Roriz

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–  Visit Portugal

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With thanks to Graham’s Port for the amazing experience. All views are entirely our own.


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