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Restaurant ENIT Zurich.

Having a butchers at …

Restaurant ENI’T Zurich


Just up from Paradeplatz there’s a new restaurant which opened just last September. Its name is ENI’T which is the Etruscan word for meat and the general manager, Pascal Schelbert, is absolutely passionate about the best quality in food and wine, and in particular, meat.

Restaurant ENI'T Zurich

Pascal Schelbert in the Wine Trésor at ENI’T

So much so that he invited us to meet him at 7am in the morning one very cold January day with the suggestion that we should go for a food tour – not just any tour though, this one was a visit to his butchers! After a quick coffee to wake us up we sped off in a taxi and pulled up outside the large gates of Metzgerei Angst, very close to Letzigrund.

Restaurant ENI'T Zurich and the Angst Butchers

Inside we changed into white coats, foot covers and hairnets and after washing our hands and having our shoe covers spray cleaned we set off to explore each of the production areas of this beautiful old building, where people had been busy working since 3am. We felt complete slackers in comparison! Roger Muther who has been Pascal’s butcher for a number of years and has worked for Angst for over 20, showed us round.

Roger Mother Schlachthaus Angst Zurich

Roger Muther at Schlachthaus Angst

An early morning tour of a mini version of Smithfields, is not my usual Monday morning routine and it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted – but as you would expect in Switzerland it was all very clean, very civilised and a hive of activity. I was impressed at how fast both men and women were wielding large sharp knives and cleavers and with such dexterity as they cut into the meat. It all looked quite dangerous to me but they obviously knew what they were doing.

The tour lasted about 90 minutes and we got to see various production areas including smoking, cooking, packing as well as where the carcasses were hung. At the end of it Roger proudly served up a portion of freshly grilled sausages. For some reason I didn’t have much appetite, but keen to show willing I had a half portion and they did taste very good. Roger reeled off impressive facts about this family-run firm, and one of the things I was very pleased to hear about is how animal welfare has improved in the past 20 years and that practices which were once legal are no longer tolerated. Happy animals make for good meat.

Roger Hée chef Restaurant ENI'T Zurich

Chef Roger Hée

Afterwards we headed back to the ENI’T where where Pascal gave us a tour of his restaurant and kitchens, introduced us to his chef Roger Hée, who has previously worked at the Kulm in Rosa and the Bar Au Lac in Zurich, and showed us the wine “Trésor” were diners are encouraged to check out the wine and to see and feel the bottles before they choose what they fancy drinking.

Restaurant ENI'T Zurich

Pascal then invited us take a seat in the dining rooms where a lunch paired with port wine was being prepared for us. Since my trip to to Porto and the Douro Valley last year, I’ve become a big fan of port, so I was really looking forward.

Restaurant ENIT Zurich

We started with a Graham’s white port and tonic and an apéro platter before sitting down and tucking into a delicious salad which contained raspberries, figs and blueberries and was utterly delicious. We were joined by and TV Presenter and Cook Zoe Torinesi of Cookinesi and we all enjoyed the fresh flavours with the sweetness of the fruit combined with the salad leaves.

Salad at Restaurant ENIT Zurich

Next up was a delicious consommé which really tasted of beef and was crowned with a little circle of puff pastry.

Soup at Restaurant ENIT Zurich

Of course we knew the main course would contain meat, and what great meat it was! An extremely tender steak was served on the most delicious, melt in the mouth mashed potato with a rich gravy. Simply presented, with a puff pastry and poppy seed flute and cherry tomato as decoration, it was full of flavour and tasted divine.

Steak at Restaurant ENIT Zurich

Finally an exquisite compote of plums and mixed fruits was served with a gorgeous honey nougat ice cream which was really unusual but tasted fabulous. With each of the courses a complementary port was served and the flavours married together so well.

Dessert at Restaurant ENIT Zurich

It was around 2pm by now and I was exhausted but happy as since 7am it seemed as if all I had done was take tours of food being prepared and then eat food! However, the tour had been extremely interesting and the food at ENI’T was simply delicious!

So if you are looking for a new restaurant to visit why not stop by at ENIT’s and give it a whirl, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Restaurant ENI'T Zurich


Restaurant ENI’T

Address: Claridenstrasse 36, 8002 Zurich

Tel: 044 552 30 20

Restaurant ENI’T Website


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