Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland


Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland .

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland

Monday 2nd March – Thursday 5th March 2020

Update: Cancelled due to Corona Virus Risk

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland

It’s that time of year, with the Christmas festivities over and the January blues behind us, that many town and cities in Switzerland celebrate “Carnival’ or “Fasnacht” prior to the run up to Easter.

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland

One of the Top 50 European Festivals

Basel Fasnacht is probably the best known Fasnacht in the whole of Switzerland – it even features in the “Top 50 European Festivals” and boy do the people there know how to party!

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland


Every year the fun starts bright and early at 4am (!!!) on the Monday after Ash Wednesday

 for “Morgenstrich” as pipers and drummers play their carnival tunes through the un-lit streets of Basel all dressed up in costume. It continues for 72 hours until exactly 4am on Thursday morning, by which time the celebrations are complete.

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland

One of the Most Popular Festivals in Switzerland

On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, the procession of masked and costumed revellers march along a planned route through the city, past thousands of spectators. Basel Fasnacht is regarded as probably the most popular festival in Switzerland, with around 15,000 to 20,000 people taking part in total. Another characteristic of the Fasnacht is the typical “Guuggen Music” – which can sometimes get deafeningly loud!

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland

SBB Morgenstrich Trains

People come from near and far to visit the Basel Fasnacht and the SBB railways even run special trains to get people to Basel in time for the early morning “Morgenstrich”.  For details of the timetable click here.

Celebrating Fasnacht in Basel Switzerland


Along with the masks, costumes and confetti, there are special culinary treats which can be bought in the bakeries such as “Fasnachtschuechli”, which can only be enjoyed at this time of year. If you can’t make the Basel Fasnacht check your local area for one closer to hand and have fun taking part in the celebrations! For more information on Basler Fasnacht please read here.

This year Basler Fasnacht starts on Monday 2nd March at 4am and continues until Thursday 5th March 2020.

Basel Fasnacht

Where: Basel, Switzerland

When: 2nd March – Thursday 5th March

With Photos by Carmen Sirboiu

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