Crazy Carnival at Lucerne Fasnacht

Crazy Carnival at Lucerne Fasnacht


Crazy Carnival at Lucerne Fasnacht

8th – 12th February 2018


Crazy Carnival at Lucerne Fasnacht

Every year Lucerne hosts its largest event held in the city in early Spring – one where you can celebrate, dress up and have lots of fun as you enjoy a tradition that lasts a whole 6 days!

Yes, the people of Lucerne take their carnival very seriously and there are various names given to different days of the festival. It all kicks off on “Dirty Thursday” with Big Bang at 5 o’clock in the morning and over 16, 000 people are expected to come and celebrate this Swiss tradition in the beautiful cobbled streets of the city.

Crazy Carnival at Lucerne Fasnacht

You can come as you are, or in mask and costume – but the main thing it to have fun and celebrate the start of Fastnacht!

Carmen Sirboiu visited Lucerne for “Dirty Thursday” to capture these wonderful pictures to put you in the carnival spirit.

Crazy Carnival at Lucerne Fasnacht

If you would like to enjoy the fun for yourself, why not take a short trip to Lucerne and experience it all first hand. Don’t forget to buy a Fasnacht “pin” to support the event and it’s probably easiest to go via public transport!

Lucerne Carnival is taking place from 8th -12th February 2018 – will you be going?

For more information please visit the Lucerne Carnival website here.

All photos by Carmen Sirboiu


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