Fasnacht in Zurich and Switzerland ….

Zurich Fasnacht 2014

Photo credit: Züri Fasnacht

Fasnacht in Zurich and Switzerland ….


Zurich Fasnacht 3rd – 5th March 2017


The Swiss have got a way of lifting the cheer on cold, grey February and March days – and it’s called Fasnacht! Fasnacht is one great big Carnival which takes place all over Switzerland on different dates. If you are new to Zurich or simply haven’t been along to join in the celebrations before – why not go along to a Fasnacht celebration this year?

Zuerifasnacht 2013

It’s a fun time of celebration, dressing up, putting on masks and walking along in the parades in the street listening to that special ‘Guggenmusik’. Zurich has a great Fasnacht celebration or “Carneval” celebration and it lasts 3 days. See the flyer here for information about this year’s event which takes places from 3rd – 5th March 2017.

Züri Carneval 2017

For more information please visit the Zurich Carneval website here.

Fasnacht in Zurich

Basel Fasnacht

However,  the biggest Fasnacht celebration of all takes place in Basel. It’s so popular that it starts early in the morning with an event called “Morgenstrich”. They even run special trains (with discounted fares) to get you to Basel from major cities including Zurich. See here for our article about Basel Fasnacht.

Click here for some more photos from last year’s Züri Fasnacht celebrations to give you an idea of what its like. 

Some Fasnacht celebrations you may want to visit include:-

The Basel Fasnacht starts on 6th March at 4am with Morgenstraich! Great for early birds! See here for more info or here.

The Lucerne Fasnacht took place from 23rd – 28th February 2017. See here for details. You can see Carmen Sirboiu’s photos of Lucern Fasnacht 2017 here.

The St Gallen Fasnacht took place  23rd- 28th February 2017. More info here.

The Bern Fasnacht began on 2nd March 2017. See here for details.

For details of more Fasnacht celebrations all over Switzerland please see the MySwitzerland guide here.

Fasnacht in Zurich

Feel free to join in and it’s a great event to take the kids along to as well. It does get noisy especially with the Guggenmusik  – but it’s all good fun!

Here is a short video showing some of the Guggenmusik:

It’s also great fun dressing up and you can find costumes online on many of the expat forums. Masks and wigs and other items can often be bought at Migros and Coop and H&M as well as hire shops too. Don’t forget to buy an official badge or pin – they’re in aid of charity and a good way of supporting these events. Each Fasnacht has it’s own special badge – so why not start a collection?

Have fun whichever one you visit and enjoy the celebrations – it all means that Spring is on the way!

You may also want to take a look at the related Carneval celebrations which took place in Zurich on 11th November. Here is a video to give you an idea – and do check out those costumes!


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