Glamour, Racing and Snow – White Turf St Moritz

St Moritz White Turf

Glamour, Racing and Snow

– White Turf St Moritz

12th, 19th and 26th February 2017


St Moritz White Turf

Photos © R. Fryer

White Turf is taking place on 12th, 19th and 26th February 2017. The event is set on a frozen lake in St Moritz and is a unique horse racing event offering glamour, excitement and lots of snow and ice. As well as horse racing there is art, live music and gourmet refreshment tents – all surrounded by the stunning snow-capped mountains.

Glamour, Racing and Snow – White Turf St Moritz

Glamour, Racing and Snow – White Turf St Moritz Photo

It’s an annual fixture for race-horse owners, trainers and jockeys from all over the world. The white tents sell everything from champagne to jewels to polo shirts. Together with the palm trees there’s a distinct international and “holiday” feel to this top-class race-meeting. With prize money of more than half a million Swiss Francs at stake, White Turf surpasses all other Swiss racing sports.

St Moritz White Turf

Thousands of visitors watch the races as champagne corks pop, music is played and bets are placed. There are outdoor restaurants offering gourmet food as people sit on chairs bedecked with sheepskin. The action begins shortly after mid-day with the first race.

Plenty of people-watching goes on and many of the race goers have gone to great lengths in the style stakes. However, judging by the cainine outfits on display, a lot of their dogs do too!

Dogs at St Moritz White Turf

dogs at St Moritz White Turf

However, the main attraction is the competition and the excitement of seeing the horses and their jockeys race at speed across the beautiful frozen white lake. As well as the flat races there are a variety of different events including trotting and Skikjöring.

skikjoring St Moritz White Turf

Skikjöring is a sport exclusive to White Turf where unsaddled thoroughbreds pull men on skis along a 2,700m track at speeds of up to 50 kmh. The winner who has  collected the most points on all three Sundays claims the title of “King of the Engadine”.

St Moritz White Turf

St Moritz White Turf

Olivier Placaison Fabrino White Turf

Astrid Wullschleger

The prize giving

St Moritz White Turf

Acclaimed as one of the “Top Events of Switzerland” it attracts visitors from all over the world. For more information please visit the White Turf Website.

Ticket prices start at CHF 20 (under 16s are free) and you can purchase tickets online here.

Glamour, Racing and Snow – White Turf St Moritz

Photos by Richard Fryer


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