It’s All Downhill In St Moritz – Tobogganing and Ski Races!

Downhill at St Moritz.

It’s All Downhill In St Moritz –

Tobogganing and Ski Races!


Tobogganing in st moritz

St Moritz is a magical place particularly in the snow. Well known for its Winter allure and glamour, this year it is yet again playing host to the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships for a record fifth time! It’s also well known for its tobogganing – and the other day we enjoyed a visit to St Moritz to combine both events.

Tobogganing in st moritz

Tobogganing at Muottas Muragl

St Moritz offers a variety of short and easy sled runs but in addition there are also six more exciting toboggan runs which are quite challenging – especially if like me you’re a real novice! Having hired our sleds at the base station of the Muottas Muragl funicular we went up to the top and hit the piste.

Tobogganing Downhill at St Moritz

Muottas Muragl is steep! Covering 4.2 km over an altitude of over 700 metres it also has lots of corners – 20 in total so is not recommended for small children (or probably novices!).

Tobogganing Downhill at St Moritz

The funicular railway to access it is open daily between 9:30 am and 4 pm from December until March, as long as the snow conditions are ok.

Tobogganing Downhill at St Moritz

It was an exhilarating ride down – though I took it much slower than most after a roll in the snow – but you do get some beautiful views as you glide along. Here is a map of the Muottas Muragl tobogganing area.

Tobogganing in st moritz


You can bring your own toboggan or hire one at the base station. Good waterproof boots are a plus as you use your feet to break – especially on a piste as steep as this one (!) and usual ski gear prevents you from getting wet if you take the occasional tumble!

We were all wearing our helmets and I was trying out a new “visor helmet” from Alpina Sports which I love which has an integrated visor (so you don’t need to wear goggles or sunglasses). It’s very practical and it just means one less thing to forget.

Tobogganing in st moritz

FIS Alpine World Ski Championships


BKW and FIS Alpine Ski World Championships St Moritz

We also went along to the event to see the Men’s Downhill Super G and it was a great experience. We had standing tickets which gave us the flexibility to easily wander round the arena to and take advantage of the food and beverage areas and generally see the race from a variety of perspectives.

We took photos, rooted for our favourites and had a great time just soaking up the atmosphere.

BKW and FIS Alpine Ski World Championships St Moritz

The FIS Alpine Ski World Championship races continue until Sunday 19th February so if you’re planning on going here are a few tips:

  1. It can be cold waiting around so do wear layers.
  2. Don’t forget to wear warm, waterproof, sturdy boots which as your feet can get cold standing in the snow.
  3. Check out all the stands as many have great offers and useful facilities – see below about mobile phone charging at BKW.
  4. Take your sunglasses – it can be dazzling when the sun shines.
  5. Bring a hat!

For more information visit the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in St Moritz website here.

Ski races at St Moritz

BKW Using Solar Panels for Renewable Energy

The main sponsor of St. Moritz World Ski Championships for 2017 is BKW, and they were supporting the World Cup with a variety of with energy services including very useful mobile phone charging units in their energy-efficient lounge.  BKW are focussing on using renewable Home Energy for the future and their “Home of Energy” lounge was equipped with solar panels.

Ski races at St Moritz

We had a great time in St Moritz and there are many other attractions on right now including White Turf.  For more information on the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in St Moritz please click here. Find out more about White turf here:

Glamour, Racing and Snow – White Turf St Moritz

You might also like to see some photos of the recent Snow Polo in St Moritz here:

Photos of Snow Polo St Moritz 2017

With thanks to BKW who hosted us for the event. However, all views and opinions are our own.


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