Skiing in Davos/Klosters, Flims/Laax and Lenzerheide

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Skiing in Davos/Klosters, Flims/Laax and Lenzerheide


Skiing in Davos/Klosters,

Flims/Laax and Arosa /Lenzerheide


Skiing in Davos/Klosters, Flims/Laax and Lenzerheide

If you live in Zurich, there are plenty of ski resorts which you can easily visit in a day if you don’t fancy renting an apartment or staying in a hotel.

In a previous article we talked about Flumserberg which is one of the closest ski resorts to Zurich, but here we focus on Davos and Klosters and Lenzerheide and Flims, Laax and Falera.  So how do they compare?  Each has it’s own charm and character  – but here are a few impressions.

Flims / Laax / Falera

Skiing in Davos/Klosters, Flims/Laax and Lenzerheide

Skiing in Laax

Situated at an altitude of between 1,100 and 3,018m this resort is very big and has something to offer for everyone, whether you’re a boarder, a skiier, a walker or even if you prefer tobogganing. Just 90 minutes drive from Zurich and 20 minutes from Chur it is easily accessible. The town itself stretches down the valley and has a number of sport shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, including some right at the bottom of the slopes where you can chill, have a drink and listen to music.

There are four snow parks attracting lots of boarders and the resort boasts the biggest half pipe in Europe. There are lots of cool bars on the slopes where you can warm up between runs with a hot chocolate or something stronger and if  you’re lucky, catch some rays. There is also a lively night scene in some of the bars where if you still have the energy you can dance the night away.

The pistes

The resort has a total of 235kmm of skiing to be had, made up of :

Blue runs – 64km

Red runs – 70km

Black runs- 46kim

Freeride – 44km


Coffee stop at Flims/Laax

The hours of operation are usually 08.30 – 4.30pm. For more information go to the Laax website here.

Davos and Klosters

Skiing in Davos/Klosters, Flims/Laax and Lenzerheide

Skiing in Davos

Situated at between 1,560 and 2,844km, this resort really consists of two resorts in their own right which are linked up over the Parsenn mountain. The drive to Klosters and Davos is a little longer than to Flims, but you can also take the train from Zurich direct to Klosters and you arrive just by the lift station all ready to take the gondola up the mountain.

Klosters is famous for it’s connections with the British royal family and even one of the Gotschnabahn gondolas sports the Prince of Wales’s emblem. It’s got a distinctive “villagey” feel about it, quite traditional with a great range of restaurants in the town itself as well quite a collection to suit everyone’s tastes and pockets on the slopes. In Klosters the Madrisa ski area offers some gentler slopes and is popular with beginners and families with young children.

Davos meanwhile is most famous for it’s World Economic Forum and has more of a business feel to it, though again it has plenty of shops, with hotels and restaurants to cater to everyone’s taste. Davos’s “Magic Mountain” attracts snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts from near and far. As well as the Parsenn area of skiing, there is yet more skiing to be had on the Jakobshorn side of the mountain. The longest run in Davos is 13 km from Weissfluhgipfel to Küblis covering 2,034 m of difference in altitude (from 2,844 to 810 m above sea-level).

The Pistes

The resort consists of 310 km of runs of which:

Blue runs – 6okm

Red runs – 132km

Black runs- 118km

Skiing in Klosters ©

Skiing in Klosters

The hours of operation are 08.30 – 4.30pm. For more information go to the Davos Klosters website.

Arosa / Lenzerheide

Skiing in Lenzerheide

Scenic views in Lenzerheide

Arosa linked up with Lenzerheide in 2014 with the construction of a gondola which connects the 2 resorts and takes just 5 minutes from one to the other. There are 34 ski lifts will taking you to a range of different ski runs and sunny terraces. There is artificial snow on more than a third of the slopes (60 km) in the event of poor snowfall. Located very close to the motorway at Chur, Lenzerheide is a simple drive from Zurich with a number of outdoor car parks offering access to the slopes at different locations up the mountainside.   Arosa is more of tricky drive from Zurich with several hairpin bends – but you can also access it by train. There are some great restaurants with panoramic views worth trying out on the summits as well as plenty of cosy bars and restaurants offering traditional mountain fare.


The Arosa / Lenzerheide resort offers a total of 225 km of skiing on the following types of slopes:

Blue runs – 110 km

Red runs –  87 km

Black runs-  28 km

The hours of operation are 08.30 – 4.15 pm. For more information go the Arosa Lenzerheide website.

Ski Resort Planning Tips:

1. If you can’t decide which resort to choose and you’re definitely going to make a few visits throughout the season then it may cost in to get an annual season card called a “TopCard” which covers Arosa / Lenzerheide and Davos / Klosters. It’s especially good value if you’re a family as this pass covers those resorts and offers a few extra in St Moritz too.  For more information read here.

2. During popular weekends in ski season restaurants get very full so try and book and reserve in advance. Same for dinner.

3. The weather often changes very quickly in the mountains so if you’re skiing for a full day it’s often worth taking sunscreen and wear layers.

4. Don’t forget sunscreen as the power of the sun is more intense in the mountains and is reflected off the snow. You can burn even when it’s cloudy.

5. Book any ski lessons in advance.

6. Keep a spare blanket, water, snacks and a shovel in the car in snowy weather – just in case!

Whatever you do and wherever you go have fun!

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  1. Dave says:

    While the Top Card information is correct, what most people who consider it don’t realise is that for (approx) 200CHF extra you can get a ski ticket that covers all of Graubunden. This includes the whole of the Engadin regions, all the Top-Card resorts plus the smaller areas like Tschiertschen, Arosa, Savognin and many more… It also includes all of the Andermatt area (as it’s connected with Sedrun) and Ischgl in Austria (because it’s connected to Samnaun). That’s a lot of extra bang for 200CHF.

  2. Aron Smith says:

    Exciting!! Time for me to make use of the training in skiing that I received at Mountain Skills Academy Mountaineering School, Canada. Excited to the roots!!

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