Top Events in Zurich in The Summer



Top Events in Zurich in The Summer


Lake Zurich sunset


In Summertime Zurich really opens up. Flanked by the Uetliberg mountain offering fun hiking and fabulous views, Lake Zurich acts as a magnet for young and old alike to relax around or swim, sail or stand up paddle on as the city shakes off the its Winter blues. It becomes a relaxed place with a laid back vibe and plenty of opportunity for fun and enjoyment. There are numerous outdoor cafés and restaurants offering seating in the open and when the sun is shining the city truly sparkles.

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident there’s plenty to do as far as events are concerned and here are some to watch out for.

Swiss National Day 1st August

  • 1st August – Swiss National Day. Not just in Zurich, but all over Switzerland the 1st August is a Swiss National Holiday and all the shops are shut as everyone celebrates with a party. There are famers brunches in the farms surrounding the city, parties, live music and fireworks. Zurich has the biggest and the best party on this day so join in the celebrations and have fun!

Limmatschwimmen Zurich 2013 ©Geoff PeglerPhoto Geoff Pegler

  • Limmatschwimmen. An organised swim down the river Limmat. The date is never certain for this event until about a week in advance as it is heavily weather dependant but it usually takes place in July or August. Not only must the water temperature meet a certain criteria but the water level can’t be too high either. Tickets sell out for this popular event with hours, but it’s a great spectator event to watch from the banks of the river.



  • Weltklasse Zürich. The annual Weltklasse IAFF Diamond League track-and-field event in Zurich takes place every August and is a big event for all sports fans. It attracts big sporting names and takes place at Letzigrund. Tickets go on sale months before the event so buy yours as soon as you can.

Photos of Street Parade Zurich 2015

  • Street Parade. Let your hair down, dress up and enjoy the music. Zurich’s annual Street Parade is usually held every second Saturday in August, with music floats, blasting out from enormous speakers, dancing in the streets, food stalls and over a million visitors from all over the world. It’s miles away from Zurich’s stereotype as a banking and finance capital. You won’t see many suits at this event!

ZueriFaescht ©

  • Zürifäscht. Every three years Zurich has an amazing party which is just for the city alone. Featuring parties, live music, air displays, high wire events, food stalls with Swiss specialities and food from all over the world,  it only takes place  every three years. The next Zürifäscht will take place in 2019.

Photos of Zurich Openair 2015Photo by Geoff Pegler

  • Zurich Openair. This music festival takes place every year in Kloten close to Zurich airport. It usually attracts a fair proportion of international big name groups and takes place over a number of days.

Zurich Street Food Festival September 2015


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