Street Food Festivals in Switzerland 2017

Zurich Street Food Festival


Street Food Festivals in Switzerland 2017


Zurich Street Food Festival September 2015


After the recent Street Food Festival at Zurich Hauptbahnhof in March, there’s one on in Seefeld Zurich right now – this time focusing on Hot Dogs and another this weekend all about beer!  The Zurich Food Street scene is booming – but the phenomenon is not just restricted to Zurich  – there are Street Food Festivals taking place all over Switzerland.

It’s a great opportunity to try out international specialities and food trends from all over the world and as you’re buying from Food Trucks and in the open air it makes for a social occasion where you can meet up with friends and try different food. Click on the links to find out more in the listings below.

Zurich Street Food Festival

Coming up in April

5th – 9th April – ZURICH  – Hot Dog Festival at the Studio in Seefeld

7th – 9th April  – BADEN – taking place at Werk 

7th – 9th April – ZURICH Bier Festivalat Spirgarten 

21st – 23rd April – BASEL – taking place at Messegelände 

21st – 23rd April – AARAU – at the Markthalle

28th – 30th April – LOCARNO – at the Piazza Grande

29th April – 1st May  – LUGANO at the Lungo Lago 


Coming up in May

5th – 7th May – BIEL – at the Feldschlösschen Areal

6th May – ZURICH – WorldStreetFoodDays Buchegg

6th – 7th May – ZURICH at Brache Guggach

12th – 13th May – USTER Streetfooddays at Landhalle

12th – 14th May – LUCERN at Gedecktes Aussenfel Eiszentrum

19th – 21st May  – BERN at Freilände Bernexpo

27th May – BASELHot Dog Festival 

26th – 28th May – BADEN at Trafoplatz & Halle 37


Coming up in June

2nd – 4th June – OLTENat Kirchgasse

2nd – 5th June – CHUR – at Churer Bahnhofstrasse

9th – 11th June – ST GALLEN – at Platz der Hochschule bei Bushaltestelle Olma

23rd – 25th June – LAUSANNE at Beaulieu 


Coming up in July

1st – 2nd July – ZURICHBurger Festival


Coming up in August

18th – 20th Augus  – AARAU – at Altstadt 

25th – 27th August – SOLOTHURN – at Peorello-Brücke


Coming up in September

1st – 2nd September – ZURICHVegana Festival at Sihlcity

7th – 9th September – BELLINZONA – at Piazza del Sole 

7th – 17th September – ZURICH – see here

29th September – 1st October – ZURICHVeggie World at the Messe

29th September – 1st October – THUN at Lachenweg 


Please note that we will be adding to this list – so it will be growing! If there is one you know of which we’ve missed out please tell us in the comments sections below.

Zurich Street Food Festival Dolder Ice Rink


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