A Trip to Seewasserwerk Moos with Sodastream

A Trip to Seewasserwerk Moos with Sodastream


A Trip to Seewasserwerk Moos with Sodastream


A Trip to Seewasserwerk Moos with Sodastream

The other day I was invited to have a tour of one of Zurich’s water treatment centres, the “Seewasserwerk Moos”. Having recently been to Bodrum in Turkey on a “Sianji Wellbeing Detox Break” where we were encouraged to drink 4 litres of water a day (!!!) I have become quite interested (even maybe a little obsessed?) with drinking water, so this trip was quite appropriate!

It was organised in conjunction with Sodastream who are on a mission to cut down plastic waste from PET bottles by encouraging you to “DIY” your own fizzy water at home using just pure tap water and one of their machines.

A Trip to Seewasswerk Moos with Sodastream

The Sodastream machines simply use a recyclable canister which goes inside the machine and adds bubbles to water in your own kitchen, meaning you no longer have to schlepp large bottles of water home from the supermarket. They even have a selection of 20 different flavours which you can add to your fizzy water if you fancy – or of course, you can keep it “au naturel”.

Bottled water is a big market in Switzerland with CHF 250 million spent on it every year – so imagine the amount of money which could be saved in the reduction in packaging, oil for transportation and of course cost to the consumer if you use the water from your tap with a little help from Sodastream.

A Trip to Seewasserwerk Moos with Sodastream

Züri Wasser, the one we get in our taps here in Zurich, is made up of  of 70% Zurich Lake Water, 15% Ground Water, 15% Spring Water and is considered by many to be the best tap water in the world.

A Trip to Seewasserwerk Moos with Sodastream

Our guide from Seewasserwerk Moos explaining the filtration process

When you see all the filtration processes and tests they perform at Seewasserwerk Moos on the water to ensure it is fit for drinking you realise how important Zurich takes its water. They even use live trout  – see the fish tank in the photo above (under strict welfare guidelines) to check the quality! In fact, Zurich’s tap water is tested up to 100’000 times per year and it takes approximately 400 days for the water to come from the mountains across the lake to reach the city.

So if you fancy creating your own fizz out of the top quality water in Zurich – why not give a SodaStream a go?

Photos courtesy of Contcept

Disclosure: we were kindly gifted a SodaStream machine so will be trying it out ourselves!


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