Shape Up With Jenny Winklhofer’s EMS Training

Shape Up With Jenny Winklhofer's EMS Training


Shape Up With Jenny Winklhofer’s EMS Training 


Shape Up for Summer EMS Training with Jenny Winklhofer


Fast workout, faster success – with EMS!

EMS Training with Jenny Winklhofer

If you’ve never heard of EMS you’re probably not alone. It’s the abbreviation for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which is one of the latest training techniques being used in top gyms around the world and it is now available in Zurich. Curious to find out more, I went along to meet Jenny Winklhofer. At her light and airy studio right in the heart of Zurich near Opera, I asked her about the EMS fitness phenomenon and I even tried it out for myself.

Jenny’s Clients

Jenny has been running one to one EMS training classes for four years now and her clients include a wide mix of people from all over Zurich and beyond. She has business people who are short on time but want fast results, women who have never quite recovered their figure after giving birth, and people from all walks of life who want to improve their body shape and their fitness levels – but don’t have the time or discipline to do it all on their own.

I asked Jenny to explain how long EMS takes, how it works and what the key benefits are and she summarised the key points as follows.

A Fast Workout for Busy People

Jenny said that EMS is a great way to get a whole body workout, and one you can achieve in just 20 minutes once week. She said one of the key obstacles to exercising regularly is lack of time. With EMS personal training you only need 20 minutes for a whole body workout and by scheduling regular appointments you can keep on track to achieve your goals.

Shape Up With Jenny Winklhofer's EMS Training

For EMS training you wear a special suit to conduct the electrical impulses to your muscles whilst Jenny guides you through a varied set of exercises to get the optimum work out for your whole body in just 20 minutes.Shape Up With Jenny Winklhofer's EMS Training

Build Muscle, Burn More Calories, Get Stronger

EMS is the fastest way to build up muscles, because of the way it works it gets more muscle tissue to contract, stimulating all the large muscle groups at the same time! All this makes it the most effective and efficient workout ever. For men, studies show that it increases the volume of muscle in the upper arms, chest, back, shoulders and upper legs. Women fortunately don’t experience the same effects and studies show that EMS doesn’t enlarge their muscles – it  just makes them stronger. For both sexes posture is improved through the stronger muscle corset.

Shape Up for Summer EMS Training with Jenny Winklhofer

Lose Weight!

More muscles burn more fat. As a result of gaining muscle, you burn more calories and – as long as you keep to a balanced nutritional diet  – you lose weight. EMS also has great results improving body shape with women showing significant reduction to diameter of their waist and hips, and their thighs got leaner and firmer. Most importantly, both men and women showed amazing results in reduction of visceral (the bad type of) belly fat.

Shape Up for Summer EMS Training with Jenny Winklhofer

Go Down A Size or Two! 

EMS enables a higher level of shaping and contouring as it is capable of reaching the deep lying muscle tissue, something rarely achieved with conventional training. As muscle tissue is leaner than fat, you can reduce your overall body size by replacing fat with muscle. As EMS is a whole body system you even focus on specific problem areas such as the legs, belly or arms.

Shape Up for Summer EMS Training with Jenny Winklhofer

Go Faster!

With EMS,  you have the unique possibility to change your slow twitch muscles into fast twitch muscles which leads to an increase in your speed. According to Studies by the Sporthochschule in Cologne this could lead to a performance improvement of up to 30%.

Stay Younger!

Older people who do EMS on a regular basis have seen their reflexes and reaction times improve significantly which is important in avoiding injury. The fast muscle development they gain from this joint friendly training is also a great plus, helping them stay younger and fitter for longer.

Bye Bye Backpain!

I’d not heard this before, but Jenny said that “Sitting is the new smoking”! All those long hours in front of screens are literally killing your back and creating really bad posture. Back pain reduction and pelvic floor improvement are two really important side effects of EMS. Due to the deep muscle contractions you can even reach many of the tiny deep lying back muscles and muscles in the pelvic floor and make them stronger. By increasing the tone of the muscles, you also help release the pain. Another feature of the EMS whole body program is the  Body Relax program whereby all your muscles get a relaxing massage after the workout.

Shape Up for Summer EMS Training with Jenny Winklhofer

The Cost

EMS Personal Training is a bit more expensive than going to an EMS gym where they offer a standard exercise routine.  However, Jenny offers EMS personal training which is focussed totally on you and your needs which means you achieve your goals faster. Jenny’s personal training includes advice and comprehensive help in achieving your goals and ensuring it works for your lifestyle.

In addition to being a qualified personal trainer, Jenny is a qualified nutrition coach too so she can ensure that both your training and your diet work in tandem to get the optimum results for you.

The EMS Experience with Jenny

Working out with Jenny is really fun and having to schedule just one appointment a week is a definite plus for busy people. Jenny makes sure that every session is different and she is amazingly motivating! Once you’re in there training with her (no matter how reluctant you initially felt) you are just so glad you came. Speaking to people who have been  following her programme they typically lost around 5kg, reduced their body fat in the region of around 7%, and ended up feeling better and stronger.

You can schedule appointments during the day or after work and even over lunchtimes – she even has a range of healthy lunch snacks available too.

It’s also worth noting that Jenny is also a personal trainer for pregnant and post natal women too. A mother herself, whilst working in San Francisco she specialised in pre and postnatal Pilates. She can help with “Mummy Tummy”, Rectus diastasis and pelvic floor issues too.

So what have you got to lose apart from weight?

Get in contact and arrange your first session:

Jenny Winklhofer EMS Personal Trainer

Address:  NUYU Studio, Utoquai 37, 8008 Zurich

Call or text: 076 430 60 18

Email Jenny by clicking here

Jennifer’s website – MyBodytoning Website


All photos except for top photo courtesy of Jenny Winklhofer. With thanks to Jenny for letting us train with her on EMS – we really enjoyed it.

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