Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland – The Turquoise Lake

Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland - The Turquoise Lake

Lake Caumasee Flims – The Turquoise Lake


Lake Caumasee Films Switzerland

One of the Most Beautiful Swiss Lakes

You’ve probably see pictures of Lake Caumasee in adverts for Switzerland or in top ten lists of beautiful lakes. If you haven’t yet been there then why not take a trip – you won’t be disappointed! We visited last year for the first time and loved it so much we went back again very recently.

Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland - The Turquoise Lake

Known as “Lag la Cauma” in Romansch, which translates as “Lake Siesta”, it certainly is an idyllic place to relax and chill out in the luxuriant Swiss countryside, surrounded by greenery and forests on all sides. It’s located at 1,000 meters above sea level and in Summer the water temperature is usually between 20 to 24 degrees.

Plenty to Do at the Caumasee

Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland - The Turquoise Lake

There’s lots to do – from swimming in the crystal clear waters, to paddle boarding or canoeing, or taking out a pedallo –  and the hire prices are all quite reasonable. Of course you can simply sunbathe and enjoy the magnificent views – there is something for everyone.

Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland - The Turquoise Lake

In the Lake

There is a large rock where children (and adults!) love to climb up and jump into the water. It’s a drop of about two or three metres – but amazingly refreshing as the water, fed by an underground spring is crystal clear. A number of floating platforms are dotted around the lake which you can swim to, and all around the lake there are boulders and rocks to explore.

Lake Caumasee Films Switzerland

Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland

Children’s Play Area

For young children there is a small play area with a swing and slide etc and lots of grassy areas to run round or kick a football.  Don’t be put off by all the people you see heading in the direction of the lake with lots of children as there is plenty of space to spread out – even on hot, sunny days!

Restaurant CaumaseeFilms Switzerland

Food Options

Feel free to bring a picnic, but if you don’t fancy that there is a lovely waitress service restaurant (Restaurant Caumasee) with a terrace,  plenty of parasols and stunning views over the lake. In addition there is a self service restaurant and close to the entrance and a stand serving ice creams and drinks. There are also lockers and toilets close to the entrance so you can keep your valuables safe when you go swimming.

Lake Caumasee Flims Switzerland - The Turquoise Lake

Getting There

My first piece of advice would be to get there as early as you can as in the peak of Summer (we went on a sunny August weekend) as the car parks tend to fill up very quickly. By car it takes just over an hour and a half from Zurich and it’s best to put Caumasee into your Satnav or Google maps. If your Satnav doesn’t accept Caumasee, aim for Flims and then Via Dil Lag. There is also a LAAX app which you can download for your phone to give you precise directions.


If you do find all the car parks close to the lake full up, you could try parking at the Sportzentrum, or there is a large car park in Flims, past the school and about 15 minutes walk away which you can see from the main road to the lake, or there is parking outside Flims at Laax Staderas, on the road to Laax, where there is also a bus stop. Parking is available on some of the side streets too.

By Train

If you’re arriving by public transport take the train to Chur and then the bus to Flims Waldhaus then follow the signs to Caumasee.

Funicular Lake Caumasee Films Switzerland


You walk through the trees along the shaded paths and you can either walk all the way to the lake (which is avers pleasant 10 minute walk) or take the funicular (which is free) and which has 2 lifts which are in continuous operation going up and down. At peak times you may have to wait a little – especially on the way up! – but they move quite quickly and you get great views from the cabin!

Funicular Lake Caumasee Films Switzerland

Entrance Tickets

You have to pay for entry to this lake and its parkland and it costs CHF 12 for Adults, and CHF 6 for Children 6-16. Under 6s are free. If you are simply going to eat at the restaurant you don’t need to pay the entrance fee.

Lake caumasee Flims Graubünden

Lake Caumasee

Address: Via Dil Lag (nearest road), Caumasee, 7017 Flims

Visit the Restaurant Caumasee Website here


See Lake Caumasee on Google Maps here. 

Caumasee and Flims

See a short Video here:

All photos by Christina Fryer

Map courtesy of Google Maps


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