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Swiss Tavolata


Swiss Farmhouse brunch

Traditional Swiss Meals in a Farmhouse

Ever fancied sampling a traditional Swiss meal with a real Swiss family as your host? With Swiss Tavolata you can do just that as they offer a true Swiss cuisine experience where you get to eat freshly prepared meals in their homes and farmsteads.

Eating in a Swiss Farmhouse in Switzerland

The Swiss dishes are all cooked and served by Swiss women who are able to provide a deeper insight into Swiss cuisine and Swiss culture.Swiss Tavolata

It’s a personal experience as you get to know people you might never have met. In groups of 6 people or more, you are invited to their table to eat their freshly prepared food.

Swiss Tavolata

Local Produce

You get the chance to visit a Swiss farm and eat local produce much of which will have been produced in the farm you are eating in.

Swiss Tavolata

You also see what living in the Swiss countryside is actually like. Above all you get the full Swiss farm experience and the opportunity to get to know your hosts in a deeply personal setting.

Brunch and Set Menus

Swiss Tavolata

Swiss Tavolata offers brunch and set menus to make sure that the experience is local to the area you choose. There are now over 40 different farms you can visit and each one has a different menu depending on what is grown at the farm.

If you ever wondered where your Swiss food comes from, Swiss Tavolata is the perfect way to find out.

Swiss Tavolata

Swiss Tavolata Website

For more information please visit the Swiss Tavolata website here

FOOD ZURICH and Zurich City Hotels

Swiss Tavolata will be running workshops and serving meals as part of  FOOD ZURICH this year at the Zurich City Hotels – for full details visit the dedicated Zurich City Hotel webpage here (in German).

They will also be offering a Farmer’s Brunch at the “Brocki Arche” in Altstetten on Saturday 9th September in conjunction with Zurich City Hotels.

Swiss Tavolata

Article by Jan de Boer

All photos courtesy of Swiss Tavolata


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