Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie with Junghans Watches

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie with Junghans Watches

Junghans Watches

What do time keeping, colour and cooking have in common? According to Tanja Grandits of Switzerland’s only 2 Michelin star restaurant headed by a female chef, quite a lot. Cooking is a science and in many cases exact time keeping is vitally important to get the result you want. A couple of minutes too long in the oven or under the grill at a high temperature, can make the diffence between a perfectly executed dish and a charred ember. So a reliable watch or clock is definitely a top kitchen essential!

Hiltl Akademie 

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja Grandits gave a cookery demonstration at the Hiltl Akademy class rooms in Zurich in conjunction with Junghans Watches, where we viewed the latest beautiful and colourful watches from the new range, and then got to help Tanja prepare some equally colourful and delicious food.

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Junghans – the German Watch

Junghans watches and Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Junghans is a long established German watch company, founded by Erhard Junghans in Schramberg, Germany in 1861. Once the largest clock factory in the world, the company has a tradition of craftsmanship coupled with state of the art watch technology, and inspirational design. Their latest collection is bold and colourful and makes the art of time keeping a pleasure to behold.

Max Bill created a watch for Junghans, which has since  become a design icon and the 2017 edition with its minimal design is a reminder of the collaboration with this famous German artist (see video below).

Tanja Grandits from Chemistry to Cooking

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja gave us an insight into her culinary flair using plenty of fresh herbs and colour in her recipes. We got to put the finishing touches on the colourful sablés she prepared, which were both full of colour and bursting with flavour.

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

She told us her story and how a spell as an Au Pair in the USA had made her change her career plans and put her on the trajectory to become a chef instead of a chemist. Whilst in America she realised cooking was what she was really passionate about and it was something she wanted to do every day.

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja Grandits is the chef at Stücki Restaurant in Basel and the German chef is known for her impressive and colourful cooking. Earlier this year she was presented with the award for “Female Chef of the Year 2017” by Michelin and Veuve Clicquot at The Dolder Grand, an honour presented by Dominique Demarville, Veuve Clicquot’s Cellar Master.

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Tanja Grandits at Hiltl Akademie

Restaurant Stücki Tanja Grandits

Address: Bruderholzallee 42, 4059 Basel

Tel: (+41) 61 361 82 22

Visit the website of Restaurant Stücki here.

Junghans Watches

Address: Geißhaldenstraße 49, 78713 Schramberg, Germany

Tel: +49 7422 180

Visit the Junghans Watches website here.

See a video of Junghans new and very colourful Max Bill Watch here:

You might also be interested in seeing this short video on Junghans watchmaking:



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