Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich – Batmaid to the Rescue!

 Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich - Batmaid to the Rescue!


Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich –

Batmaid to the Rescue!


Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich - Batmaid to the Rescue!

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You arrive in Zurich, settle into your new home and decide you need a cleaner. It sounds easy enough so far – but then you start talking to your neighbours and your friends and you soon realise it’s not quite so simple in Switzerland.


Is Your Cleaner Legal?

First of all you need to ensure that any person you are proposing to do the cleaning in your house is “legal”. Not just legally able to have the “right of abode” in Switzerland, but also legally allowed to work here. Not the same thing – so you do need to make sure about this!


You Are Going to Become an Employer

Like it or not, if you have a cleaner working for you, you officially become their employer – and with that comes a certain amount of responsibility! You need to contact the SVA (National Insurance) and request the appropriate forms (all in German) so that first of all you can register your cleaner.


SVA Forms and Paperwork

Once you’ve filled in the forms and worked out how many hours you plan on having the cleaner for each week and for the forthcoming year, you need to get copies of your cleaner’s Ausweis and other details. You need to agree the hourly amount that you are planning to pay your cleaner and provide full details of your name and address as the “employer”. For more information please see the Government Social Security payment website here.


End Of The Year Bill

At the end of the year there will also be a little extra surprise – as at the end of the year the SVA work out how much AHV tax you will need to pay for for the national insurance element of employing your cleaner – on top of the hourly rate you have already agreed. This of course will depend on how many hours you have had your cleaner for during the year – so you will also need to check that you are being billed for the correct number of hours too.


If You Terminate Your Cleaner

You also need to remember to inform the SVA if you change or terminate your cleaner at any stage during the year, as unless they hear from you they will continue clicking up the AHV charges for your bill.


The Alternative – Batmaid

If all this sounds too complicated, then there is an easier path – Batmaid! After registering with Batmaid you book your cleaner online in English (!) and you choose when and how often you require their services. You pay Batmaid and Batmaid pays the cleaner and takes care of all the hassle and the nasty paperwork. It’s that simple!

Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich - Batmaid to the Rescue!

What Batmaid Does

Batmaid is there to make your life easier and not only can they help find a suitable cleaner for you but they do all the form filling, the registering and the endless paperwork. As well as offering a selection of professional home cleaners, they do the really important things like making sure that any cleaner is properly insured and legally declared.

You simply use the Batmaid online platform to book your cleaner easily and quickly. You can choose to book a cleaner on a one off or on a regular basis. You can choose to have your cleaner every week or every two or however often you prefer. It’s all very flexible and it’s all your choice.

Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich - Batmaid to the Rescue!

Once you’ve made your first booking, by default Batmaid will offer you the same cleaner the next time you book. If your regular cleaner is unavailable, you can choose to skip your cleaning or request another Batmaid.


Batmaid Takes Care of All the Paperwork

After deciding to go ahead with Batmaid you simply need to sign the Batmaid “Trust Mandate” authorising them to proceed with the declaration of your employee and payment of social security contributions.

Batmaid Undertakes the Following Paperwork on your behalf:

All the boring paperwork is completed by Batmaid. They complete the legal declaration to the AHV, they pay the cleaner and they pay all the AHV/IV/EO (AVS/AI/APG) social security contributions depending on the number of hours worked.

In addition they deal with the “withholding tax” issues, they pay the accident insurance and they issue the monthly pay slips and annual wage payroll statements as well as the contract of employment between you and your selected Batmaid cleaner.

How Batmaid Select Their Cleaners

After an initial online application to check they meet all the important criteria, all Batmaid cleaners are interviewed to ensure they have the correct legal papers such as copies of police records, a valid work permit along references and background checks. Once the cleaner is successful they are then tested by the special Batmaid Team to ensure they meet Batmaid’s high cleaning and quality standards.

Hiring a Cleaner in Zurich - Batmaid to the Rescue!

Only candidates who meet all these rigorous standards can become a “Batmaid”. The Batmaid cleaners then indicate on the platform their availability and where the areas in which they would like to work. The booking system makes it easy both for the cleaner and the client to arrange the most suitable times and frequencies.

What’s Included In the Cleaning?

To check what’s included in your cleaning service, click here.

See the Batmaid video here explaining their offering:

For more information please visit the BatMaid website here.

Batmaid is the first on-demand home cleaning platform in Switzerland and Luxembourg and constantly receives very high scores in its reviews. Batmaid, with their online portal are in a unique position to pay their cleaners the highest wages on the market, while offering the lowest prices possible for customers. Batmaid is regarded as the most competitive home cleaning company in Switzerland. Click here to book a Batmaid.



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This article was produced in conjunction with and support from Batmaid

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