LOLA | FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga


LOLA | FRED Zurich:

Sustainable Fashion and Yoga 


LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga


It’s easy to find stylish sportswear in Zurich – but how about sportswear which is environmentally friendly, biodegradeable and recyclable? Oh, AND fun and really comfortable to wear too?


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LOLA | FRED – A Zurich Company

Jeannette and Susanne are the dynamic duo behind the Zurich based yoga and leisurewear label LOLA | FRED and have created fashionable leisure clothing brand based on an environmentally friendly business model. Whilst both are passionate about the environment and the world we live in, their opposing yet complementary skills of creativity and business acumen were key in the creation of the company whose clothes aims to “bring joy to the user without harm to the environment”. All their products are made from recycled, biological and sustainable materials. As well as being stylish, most importantly the clothing feels great to wear  – just like a second skin.

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

The name LOLA | FRED is their interpretation of yin and yang, male and female. Clothing is aimed at cosmopolitan people of both sexes who are environmentally conscious and who enjoy movement and relaxation. Comfort is key – but the clothes look amazing too!

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

Stylish Yoga Wear From Sustainable Materials

Jeannette showed me the beautifully patterned colourful collections in the large modern store in the heart of Zurich, just a stone’s throw from the main staton. As I admired the softness of the fabric, she explained how PET bottles are used to create yoga pants and brightly coloured jackets. Sustainable fabrics like Modal, which is a cellulose fibre made from beech wood, or Lyocell, a cellulose made from fast growing trees, are just some of the key sustainable raw materials they use.

LOLA | FRED also use organic cotton which is ecologically cultivated, and bamboo fibre which as well as being extremely breathable, is ideal for people suffering from sensitivities and allergies. The raw material for the polyester yarn comes directly from recycled PET bottles.

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

Ethical Production in Europe

In keeping with their environmental philosophy, manufacturing takes place not in sweat shops in far corners of the earth, but after being designed in Zurich it is made up in a family run business in Portugal. Not only do they personally know everyone there, but the working conditions are really and everything is done in one place, making the production processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga


Putting Plastic to Good Use

After seeing the Blue Planet documentary showing our oceans filled with plastic waste, many of us are rethinking our use of plastic and reassessing how we shop and buy clothes. So when it comes to what you wear for yoga and sport, it’s great to be able to choose a product created out of recycled polyamide or PET bottles rather than a piece of clothing which may end up in landfill till goodness knows when!

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

Beachwear, Leisurewear and More

In addition to the colourful range of yoga wear the company also produces a great range of swimwear as well as yoga accessories too. Again everything is made to the same exacting standards.

FRED Kollektion – Men’s Wear

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga


To complement the fabulous line of women’s wear on offer, it’s good to know that men haven’t been overlooked either. LOLA | FRED have their own range of stylish biodegradable and recyclable textiles for men called FRED Kollektion. Again, made from socially responsible materials which are chemical free, they look good and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Yoga Studio In the Shop

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

LOLA | FRED’s fun and colourful yoga and sports gear is showcased in a light and airy store in Europaallee. However, even the shop itself is multi purpose.

Jeannette demonstrated to me how, at the flick of a switch, all the sportswear on the rails is lifted into the roof space of the 7m high building, transforming the 200m square floor space below into a yoga studio, where classes take place three times a day, Monday to Friday.

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

LOLA | FRED Yoga Classes 

Experienced yoga instructors offer a wide range of yoga classes from Dynamic Hatha, Vinyassa, to candle-lit classes and mediation, and lots beyond. Well equipped changing rooms with showers, toiletries and hair dryers allow busy office workers or shoppers to nip in for a class at lunchtime or before or after work.

You don’t even have to lug your yoga mats along as these are all provided free of charge. It’s these thoughtful touches which sum up the way that Jeannette and Susanne think of the world and their customers – everything is set out in such a friendly, welcoming way.

Yoga takes place two or three times a day Monday – Friday at the following times:

07:30 – 08:30 12:00 – 13:00 19:00 – 20:00 You can book your yoga classes online here.

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga

LOLA | FRED are passionate about creating ethical fair trade leisure fashion and live by their mantra “We want our clothing to bring joy to the user without harm to the environment.”

So next time you’re shopping for leisurewear why not treat yourself to something that’s looks good, feels good and is good for the environment!

LOLA | FRED Location

Address: Europaallee 5, 8004 Zurich

Tel: 043 322 07 14

Visit the LOLA | FRED website here.

Click here for the Google coordinates for LOLA | FRED

LOLA FRED Zurich: Sustainable Sportswear and Yoga


This article was written in conjunction with and with the support of LOLA | FRED

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