Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee

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Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee


Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee

Master Origin – A Master Class Coffee


Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee

Nicaragua, Columbia, Ethiopia India and Indonesia

There’s a brand new range of coffee capsules in store at Nespresso and they all reflect the origin of their coffee beans. Called Master Origin, this range of capsules is from five distinct locations in the world: Nicaragua, Columbia, Ethiopia, India and Indonesia. Some of these locations will be familiar to those who have a passion for coffee, and some may be new.

We were invited to an event in Zurich to try out each of the different coffees for ourselves. We also had the opportunity to find out all about the very different methods of production used to create each coffee, and we are sharing the stories with you below.

Both Espresso and Lungo Coffee

Interestingly, all of these new coffees can be made both as an Espresso and as a Lungo. The “Master Origin” coffee is not a “Limited Edition”, but represents a complete new range that you will find in all Nespresso stores. Find out all about them below.


Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee Nicaragua

The highlands of this central American nation are perfect for the cultivation of sweet and aromatic coffee. The practice of the “black honey method” is unique to this part of the world. This method gives the coffee a distinctly fruity twist in what is already a strong coffee. The coffee beans are laid in their natural fruit pods for drying so that the honeyed flavours seep into the bean. After the beans are harvested, they are only partially released from their pulp. This unique process preserves the natural sugar during the 30-day drying period, resulting in a sweet, harmonious coffee flavour.

Flavour profile: Sweet and harmonious.

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee - NicaraguaColombia

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee Colombia

Fans of coffee will already be familiar with the taste of great Colombian coffee as its reputation has been increasing for a number of years. Nespresso are now offering a new style to add to Colombia’s rich variety. Late harvesting of the Colombia beans allows them to go beyond the point of ripeness, with the coffee cherry taking on a dark purple, almost black colour. This late harvesting gives the bean gives a more fruity taste with a lot more richness. After harvest, the coffee cherries are finely ground with water and the coffee beans are sun-dried to develop a fruity aroma.

Flavour profile: Fruity and intense.

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee - ColumbiaEthiopia

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee Ethiopia

Home to one of the first coffee plants, Ethiopia has a fine tradition of coffee making. The entire process is done by hand as it has been for generations. The coffee cherries are placed on braided dry beds – the so-called “Ethiopian beds” – and sun-dried for four weeks, at which point the flowery and fruity taste of the coffee becomes apparent.

Flavour profile: Flowery and refined.

Nespresso Master Origin Range of CoffeeIndia

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee India

Usually considered to be a land of tea rather than coffee, the southern provinces of Kerala are a hotbed for the production and export of coffee. Unlike other locations, Indian coffee producers use the monsoon for processing their coffee. In the past, this process was a natural occurrence as the coffee was transported by ship and absorbed moisture from the sea along the way. This resulted in the beans swelling creating a unique taste. For Master Origin India, the “monsoon method” is applied to Robusta beans (not to the Arabica beans which are usually used). The beans are laid in huts on the coast where they are exposed to the monsoon rains and wind from the sea, developing an intense, spicy taste.

Flavour profile: Intense and spicy.

Nespresso Master Origin Range of CoffeeIndonesia

Nespresso Master Origin Range of Coffee Indonesia

A pearl of South East Asia, Indonesia has yet another method to contribute to coffee production. After being hand picked in levels of high humidity, the farmers practice a process known as “wet hulling”. When the washing process is complete, the outer shell is removed to accelerate the drying process. This results in a bluish coffee bean. This painstaking process gives the coffee a rich, velvety texture with woody notes.

Flavour Profile: Rich and Woody.

Nespresso Master Origin Range of CoffeeThe Master Origin capsules are now available in all Nespresso’s Swiss stores and you can also order them by calling 0800 555 253 or via the Nespresso website. Why not try them for yourself and find out which is your new favourite?

All the coffees are from the AAA Sustainable Quality Program, a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, which helps to increase crop yields and quality whilst improving the living standards of coffee growers and their communities.

Article written by Jan de Boer

Jan is Comment Editor of the Award Winning Student Newspaper Nouse

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