Great Days Out from Zurich

Great Days Out from Zurich


Great Days Out from Zurich

by Jan de Boer

Flumserberg cows

When you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are many great days out for people of all ages around Zurich to try. Here is a list of our top 8 great days out from Zurich.

1. Schloss Kyburg

The Award Winning Kyburg Castle Near Winterthur

Many people don’t realize the significance of Kyburg Castle, but the once great fortress was once home to the Hapsburg crown jewels, a few millionaires and much more besides. Its story is now told through a picturesque museum in the Zurich Oberland. What was once the seat of the most powerful family in northern Switzerland is now a beautiful castle surrounded by rolling hills and pleasant fields. For more information on Kyburg castle, please see our main article.

Schloss Kyburg is not open all year round – see the article for details. This is a half day excursion.

2. Cardada

Why You Really Should Visit Cardada and Cimetta in Ticino

Dominating the skyline around the city of Locarno is the mountain of Caradada. The beautiful views of Lake Maggiore and the pleasant hikes around the hills make the mountain a must-see in Southern Switzerland. A hiking paradise in Summer and a great ski resort in Winter. The mountain of Caradada can take its rightful place as one of Ticino’s great mountains. For more information on Cardada and Cimetta, Please see our article.

This is a full day excursion.

3. Blausee

Hidden Gems .... the Blausee Switzerland

What was once Switzerland’s best-kept secret is now an Instagrammers paradise. The Blausee in Western Switzerland can be counted as the most beautiful lake in Switzerland. Surrounded by mysterious forests and imposing mountains, the banks of the Blausee are awash with a sense of beauty and tranquility. The colour of the water is stunningly beautiful and the myth surrounding its colour deeply sad. To find out more please see our article.

This is a full day excursion.

4. Flumserberg

Flumserberg mountain views

Arguably the most popular mountain for people living in Zurich, Flumserberg delighst its visitors all year round. The mountain is only an hour from central Zurich, making it perfect for a day out. During Winter Flumserberg has an extensive system of lifts for skiers, snowboarders, and sledders and you can also go snow shoeing too. In Summer, hiking around the mountain is a joy to behold and the “Flumser” roller coaster is not to be missed. For more information on Flumerberg in Summer, please see our article.

Flumserberg is a year round attraction.

5. Mainau

The Flower Island of Mainau Germany

Germany’s own flower island, the island of Mainau has attracted visitors ever since Carl Linnaeus started his collection of flora and fauna in the 18th century. Although not in Switzerland, Konstanz is only one hour away by train and the island is just a pleasant 30-minute cruise from the harbor. On the island, you get to see a vast collection of flowers, trees and (my personal highlight) a house full of butterflies. For more information on Mainau, please check out our article.

6. Europa Park

europa park Germany

For those who love a thrill, Europapark is Germany’s largest theme park and only 3 hours bus ride from Zurich. Lots of great rollercoasters are on offer and the park has many on-site themed hotels for you to stay a little longer. We recommend taking the bus early in the morning from Zurich direct to the park as the train route is half an hour longer, has three changes at least and is more expensive. For more information on Europa Park from Zurich, check out our article.

Europa Park is available to visit all year round.

7. The Jungfraujoch Top of Europe

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Switzerland

Why not set off early to find yourself standing on the highest point in Europa in just a few hours? The journey to and the views from the Jungfrau, “Top Of Europe”,  are stunning. Make sure not to miss the Ice Museum whilst your there.  Find our more in our article here. 

The Jungfraujoch is available to visit all year round. This is a full day excursion.

8. Brissago Islands Ticino

Brissago Islands Ticino

The Brissago Islands of Ticino is unique in how it combines the beauty of its surroundings with exotic gardens and interesting architecture. The boat ride which takes you there is all part of the experience. Stop for lunch at the restaurant and  enjoy exploring this paradise of flora and fauna. To find out more, please have a look at our article.

Please note this is not a year long attraction. This is a full day excursion.


Article written by Jan de Boer

Jan is Comment Editor of the Award Winning Student Newspaper Nouse

For more information about Travel and Events in Zurich and beyond please see our What’s On Page or our News Articles or for regular updates subscribe to our blog.


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