Highlights From a Trip To The Schwarzwald Germany

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Highlights From a Trip To The Schwarzwald Germany

Highlights From a Trip To the Schwarzwald Germany

Walking and Hiking in the Schwarzwald

The Schwarzwald or Black Forest as it’s perhaps better known in English, is located in South Western Germany. It’s a beautiful mountainous region with dense, dark, evergreen forests, with picturesque villages dotted all over.

Highlights From a Trip To The Schwarzwald Germany

Just three or four hours away from Zurich, it has so much to offer as a holiday destination. The natural beauty of the landscape, with the river Rhine close by, is simply stunning. The vineyards, the mountains and the quaint villages with their half timbered houses overflowing with colourful flowers are just so pretty.

Highlights From a Trip To The Schwarzwald Germany

The Schwarzwald has lots of specialities. Its Black Forest Cherry Cake with lashings of whipped cream, its traditional Bollenhüte hats (with the red or black balls), its Cuckoo Clocks, its spas and thermal baths, its beautiful hiking paths, its delicious food – not to mention the wines, Kirschwasser and Schnapps! We explored the region over four days and here are some of our highlights.

Highlights From a Trip To The Schwarzwald Germany

The Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum in Gutach

Highlights From a Trip To The Schwarzwald Germany

A great day out for all the family is a visit to the Vogtsbauernhof Freilichtmuseum in Gutach. Situated on a hectare of countryside it features a selection of houses dating back over the years, charting the historical importance of the area. It’s built around the “Vogtsbauernhof farmhouse” which was built on this site and which dates back to 1612. You can explore and discover how people lived in days gone by. The Museum also has its own goats, hens, pigs and cows.

Cow at the Frilichtmuseum Schwarzwald

We had a tour around before learning all about the Bollenhüte.  It is a delightful set up and there is plenty to see and do.

The Bollenhüte at the Frilichtmuseum Gutach Schwarzwald


Bollenhüte are the traditional hats from the Schwarzwald. Decorated with either 14 black or red balls (which are made of pop poms), the authentic hats are only made in Gutach and two other villages.

Schwarzwald Bollenhüte

Schwarzwald Bollenhüte

Each hat takes around a week to make and requires 2kg of wool. The base of the hat is made of straw (which is then coated in plaster of Paris to make it stronger and gently shaped into its distinctive style.

Schwarzwald Bollenhüte

Walking and Hiking

Walking and Hiking in the Schwarzwald

You will find some of the most beautiful walking and hiking routes in the whole of Germany in the Scwarzwald. You can even go for a “Schnapps pit stop” along the way on some of them!

Walking and Hiking in the Schwarzwald

Walking and Hiking in the Schwarzwald

Walking Through The Vineyards

Schwarzwald vineyards

We went for a beautiful walk though one of the many vineyards near Sasbachwalden. Not only are you rewarded with stunning views, but they even have a “Schnapps Trail” on the one we went on. You simply help yourself and buy a shot at the various Schnapps stations along the route. Each one had a brandy distilled from a different type of fruit – so quite an adventure!

Schwarzwald vineyards

Schwarzwald vineyards

Amazing Food and Drink

Wherever we went we were met with delicious food and drink. We had a demonstration on how to make a Black Forest Gateau in Café Räpple in Bad-Peterstal. It was great to see how the cake is made – and you wouldn’t believe how much whipped cream goes into each one!!!

Black Forest Gateau

On the outskirts of the same small village of Bad Peterstal in the Renchtal area of the Black Forest we discovered the award winning Black Forest gin, BOAR Gin. 

BOAR GIN - A Gin Sensation from the Black Forest

We also tasted the local meats and cheeses from the region.

Schwarzwald food specialities

Dinner Jumping in Sasbachwalden

However the absolute highlight was Dinner Jumping in the incredibly picturesque village of Sasbachwalden. The concept of Dinner Jumping is that for a fixed price you can eat 4 courses in 3 or 4 different restaurants, each course accompanied by a drink.

The quality of the food was amazing! We had a good Italian starter at Ristorante Calabrisella followed by a superb fish or salad course and excellent main course at the Michelin Starred Restaurant Fallert at the Hotel Talmühle.

Restaurant Fallert, Hotel Talmühle

Restaurant Fallert, Hotel Talmühle

Restaurant Fallert Sasbachwalden

Michelin starred chef Gutbert Fallert

Chef Gutbert Fallert of the Michelin starred Restaurant Fallert Sasbachwalden

Chef Gutbert Fallert has had a Michelin star for 41 year without interruption! A very modest chef, you won’t even find a mention of the Restaurant Fallert’s Michelin star on his hotel website. However, people flock to his table from near and far (and especially over the border in France) as his food is so delicious. We stayed over at the Hotel Talmühle, where the the Restaurant Fallert is located and as well as the fabulous food, it also boasts the most beautiful hotel gardens.

Hotel Talmühle Sasbachwalden in the Schwarzwald Germany

Michelin starred chef Herbert Decker

We rounded off our dinner at the excellent Hotel Engel in Sasbachwalden with Chef and hotelier Herbert Decker (above) and a fabulous selection of mini desserts and coffee. It was absolutely wonderful!

Restaurant Fallert, Hotel Talmühle

Hotel Engel Sasbachwalden in the Schwarzwald Germany

The beautiful Hotel Engel Sasbachwalden

So if you’re looking for a break, why not consider a trip to the beautiful region of the Schwarzwald in Southern Germany for your next holiday or weekend away?

For more information on things to see and do in the area please visit the Baden-Württemberg website here.


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