Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

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Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

At the recent GENNEX Conference at the Air Base in Dübendorf I tried on a pair of On Running Shoes. I had heard a lot of good things about the “On” brand from friends and knew that they were a sports shoe brand from Zurich but that was about all.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

A Zurich Success Story

In fact On is one of Switzerland’s great success stories. Founded by duathlon and Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard with his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti in Zurich in 2010, the brand has taken the running shoe and trainer market by storm. They won the “ISPO Brand-new Award” for innovation and quickly found a following. They are now one of the fastest growing brands in the US and everywhere you go in Switzerland you see people wearing this brightly coloured footwear.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

So What Makes On Shoes So Special?

I was lucky enough to be given a pair to try out for myself and the first thing you notice is how colourful they are. The come in a great range of fun colours – something for everyone. The next thing you notice is that they are just incredibly light. Taking them out of the box I was worried they weren’t even my size as they looked so small in comparison to my usual trainers.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

However, thankfully they are deceptive! Not only are they ultra light but they are also very well cushioned thanks to their patented “Cloudtec” technology. According to some of my running friends, this makes them land very easily on the sole, but allows you to push off hard, making running as comfortable as possible apparently.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

Not Just For Runners

Now I’m no runner, so I can’t possibly comment on that. However, I do walk a lot and as a lay person I think one of the reasons they are so popular is that they are just so incredibly comfortable. In addition to the “cloud-like” cushioning, they are also very stable and supportive around the ankle and they definitely have very comfortable support for the arches. So this is the perhaps the real secret and why you find so many people wearing them – with suits, with jeans; in fact anywhere and everywhere.

Perfect For Travel

One of the key advantages I can see is when travelling. Lighter, taking up less space – as well as being incredibly comfortable to wear – On Running Shoes will definitely be making their way into my luggage.

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There are a number of different models of On Running shoes – take a look at the On Website here to find out more.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces


In conclusion I must admit I’m a real convert to On shoes! The are light, colourful and most importantly supremely comfortable. I’m not sure about the ultra thin laces (a new one on me) but the shape, design and wearability are amazing! No more clumpy trainers for me – these are just so light and comfy.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces


One thing I noticed is that the sizing does come up a little small – so you may need to go up a size when ordering.

Putting On Running Shoes Through Their Paces

On Running Shoes

Where to buy? Available at all good shoe shops such at Sports Shop Time Out in Uster not far from Zurich  as well as online here. 

I was given a pair of On Running Shoes for the purposes of testing but all opinions are 100% my own


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