Light Sculptures in Europaallee Zurich

Europaallee Lights Up

Light Sculptures in Europaallee

A Journey into the Magical World of Fables

Reise in die Fabelwelt

22nd November 2018  – 12th January 2019

Europaallee Lights Up

From 22nd November 2018 until 12th January 2019 there is a very special event taking place in Europaallee in Zurich. It’s called “Reise in die Fabelwelt” or in other words  “A Journey into the magical world of fables”.

I’ts a pre- and post- Christmas program filled with live concerts, an aperitif tour, DJs, music and guest appearances, and even a theatre for the little ones. However, some things you really shouldn’t miss are the abstract light installations by Altherr Weiss, set against black backgrounds. Striking and modern they went up on 22nd November and will be available for all to see until 12th January.

The light installations add a luminous charm to the neighbourhood and give it a magical fairytale atmosphere.

Europaallee Lights Up

There’s food and wine to be had and something for everyone, so why not take a trip down Europaallee next time you’re in Zurich?

Have fun admiring the 30 glowing sculptures, each with their own story, in the heart of Europaallee Zurich.

Reise in ice Fabelwelt Europaallee Zurich

Photo Credits: Europaallee / Nadine Kägi

For more information see the video here:

Reise in die Fabelwelt

When: 22nd November 2018 – 12th January 2019

Where: Europaalle, Zurich

Please visit the website here.


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