Free Water in Zurich – The 1200 Fountains

Free water in Zurich - the 1200 Fountains

Free Water in Zurich – The 1200 Fountains

Free water in Zurich - the 1200 Fountains

There are not many things that you can find for free in Zurich but pure fresh drinking water is surely one of them. If you live in the city or if you’re just visiting, make sure to hydrate yourself with this very special high quality H2O.

Zurich prides itself on both the abundance and quality of its water. In fact there are over 1200 public drinking fountains across Zurich enabling you to enjoy the fresh, cooling liquid at virtually every square or street intersection. Stadt Zurich employs a whole team of people whose job it is to inspect and check up on the quality of the water in the drinking fountains – and to make sure it is fit to drink at all times. In the unlikely event that it is not, the fountain will be switched off until the problem is remedied.

Elsewhere in Switzerland you will also see plenty of public fountains too and unless you see signs to the contrary saying, for example “Kein Trinkwasser” (water not suitable for drinking), which you sometimes find in the countryside or on farms, it is all perfectly safe to drink.

So next time you’re walking round Zurich, take along an empty PET bottle with you, or even better a SIGG bottle, and enjoy deliciously fresh thirst quenching Zurich water.

Free water in Zurich - the 1200 Fountains


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