Keeping Abreast of Brexit For UK Residents In Switzerland

Keeping Abreast of Brexit For UK Residents In Switzerland

Keeping Abreast of Brexit

For UK Residents In Switzerland

British Embassy Information Roadshows

The British Embassy in Berne is running a series of Information Events all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein to explain the current situation and the implications of the UK exiting the EU. The events explain how your citizens’ rights as a UK national living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein might be affected and what steps you should take before 29th March 2019. The roadshows began on 10th January and continue until 21st February 2019.

Keeping Abreast of Brexit For UK Residents In Switzerland

Swiss Roadshows

Please register for any of the events in Switzerland via:

Liechtenstein Roadshows

Please register for the Liechtenstein event via:

For UK Citizens Already Residing in Switzerland

According to the British Embassy the situation for UK residents already living in Switzerland remains very broadly unchanged post 29th March 2019, with or without a Brexit deal.

For Enquiries:

Please visit the following website:

You can find more information on this website:

You may also find the following websites useful too:

For UK Citizens Intending To Move to Switzerland

For British citizens contemplating moving to Switzerland, the situation is not yet clarified and we suggest you contact the Embassy or the British Embassy website for more information.

Business and Trade

For business and trade enquiries regarding business between the UK and Switzerland you can email:

You can find further information on these websites: 


The British Embassy Contact Details:

British Embassy Berne

Address: Thunstrasse 50, 3005 Berne, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)31 359 7700

British Embassy website

The Swiss Flag is Square


Photos courtesy of the British Embassy

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