Zürich Card – Much More Than A Travel Ticket

Zürich Card - Much More Than A Travel Ticket

Zürich Card –

Much More Than a Travel Ticket

Ideal For Visitors

Whenever you’ve next got visitors in Zurich, you might want to think about introducing them to the Zürich Card. Not only is the Zürich Card a transport ticket which allows you unlimited travel (2nd class) in the city and surrounding area via all the buses, trains, trams, selected boats, but it also has some other great advantages too!

A good tip is for your visitors to buy it at the airport once they arrive in Zürich.

What's On In Zurich End of September 2018

You can even use the Zürich Card on River Boats like the one in the photo which run over the Summer and into early Autumn.

Free Admission to Museums

Kunsthaus zurich art museum

The Zürich Card offers free or reduced admission to the majority of Zürich’s museums (like the Kunsthaus art museum above). There are now 36 Museums which you can visit for free with the Zürich Card, and a further 4 museums which offer a specially reduced entrance price with the card.

This means if you’re a culture vulture you will have a wonderful time exploring many of the museums the city has to offer at little or no extra charge. Free entrance or discounted entrance applies for example to the Landesmuseum, the Swiss National Museum, the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Museum Rietberg, the Museum Haus Konstruktiv and the FIFA World Football Museum to name just a few of the 4o museums included in the Zürich Card deal.

For more information about the museums see here.

S10 train to Uetliberg

You can also take trains with the Zürich Card like this one going up to the Uetliberg.

Selected Offers in Shops and Restaurants

The Zurich Card really is an integrated transport ticket for Zurich – but it also offers other advantages too. Additionally, there are discounts and special offers available in selected shops, bars and restaurants and deals on certain leisure activities too, making the Zürich Card a “must have accessory” for truly exploring Zürich. You can even get 20% off Travelers Wifi so that you’re always connected in Zürich too.

Zurich Card Transport card for Zurich

Not Just For Visitors

The Zürich Card is such a versatile ticket that it’s not just great for visitors. You may find that when you first arrive in Zurich it’s a good idea to get one yourself in order to get acquainted with the transport system and the layout of the land as you explore the city!

Family Offers

There are also a number of offers which are great for families. The range from reductions on the price of selected tours, special discounts at certain shops and reduced priced entry to some parks and swimming pools. See here for details.

For more information on the benefits of the Zürich Card, please visit the Zürich Card website.

You can download the Zürich Card information booklet here.

Have fun and happy exploring!

Zürich Card Pricing

Validity: The Zürich Card is available for 24 or 72 hours.

Cost For Adults: CHF 27 for 24 hours and CHF 53 for 72 hours

Cost For Children from 6 to 16: CHF 19 for 24 hours and CHF 37 for 72 hours

Cost For Children under 6: FREE

You can buy the Zürich Card for 24 hours here.

You can buy the Zürich Card for 72 hours here.

Take a look at a short video of the Zürich Card here: 



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