Bärenland Arosa – Bears Rescued By Vier Pfoten in Switzerland

Bärenland Arosa -Rescued Bears Living Happily in Switzerland

Bärenland Arosa – Bears Rescued by Vier Pfoten in Switzerland

Now Living Happily in Arosa

Bärenland Arosa - Bears Rescued By Vier Pfoten in Switzerland

Meimo and Amelia the new Albanian bears at Arosa Bärenland
At the beginning of February two more rescued bears, Meimo and Amelia, joined Napa at Arosa Bear Sanctuary in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Napa is a former circus bear from Serbia and has been living at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary since July 2018.
Serbian Bears in Arosa at the Bear park Arosa
Once again the Albanian bears had been rescued from dreadful conditions. Meimo and Amelia, both 13 years old had lived in a private mini zoo attached to a restaurant and had been accommodated in a small 60 square metre enclosure for most of their lives.
Bärenland Arosa - Bears Rescued By Vier Pfoten in Switzerland

As with Napa the bears ascended the middle station at Arosa by gondola but instead of the warm Summer weather Napa was greeted with in July, the mountains in Arosa are covered right now with snow and the bears will be hibernating.

Bärenland Arosa - Bears Rescued By Vier Pfoten in Switzerland

Napa at Arosa Bärenland

According to reports from the bear sanctuary, Amelia and Meimo’s initial reaction seems to be very positive and they have already shown interest in their new home, exploring their surroundings and making themselves comfortable.

Apparently Napa has appeared a little puzzled and very curious by the arrival of his new neighbours and the aim is to socialise the bears in the outdoor enclosure in the Spring. With three hectares of mountain space available to the bears at the sanctuary in Arosa offers plenty of space for each bear to retreat at any time.

Vier Pfoten is an animal charity and gladly welcomes donations. For more information on the work of  Vier Pfoten please visit their website here.

Prices For the Arosa Bear Sanctuary

*** Please visit the website and check before visiting in case the bears are hibernating ***

Guests Staying Overnight in Arosa overnight*
Adults: CHF 5.-
Children: CHF 3.-

* upon presenting the Arosa Card with a reduced entrance fee including the gondola ride

Day Guests**
Adults: CHF 20.-
Children: CHF 10.-

** incl. the gondola ride to the Weisshorn middle station there and back

Day Guests Upgrade***
Adults: CHF 29.-
Children: CHF 15.-

*** additional gondola ride to the Weisshorn peak there and back
Do check website to be sure of latest prices.

If you are a hotel guest stying in Arosa, please present your Arosa Card at the Arosa cable car ticket shop or the Arosa Tourist Office.

For More Information

If you would  like to visit Bärenland in Arosa (post hibernation) please visit the website here.

Bärenland Arosa - Bears Rescued By Vier Pfoten in Switzerland


All photos courtesy of Arosa Bärenland and View Pfoten

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