Strawberry Picking in and Around Zurich

Strawberry Picking in and Around Zurich

Strawberry Picking

In and Around Zurich

Strawberry Picking in and Around Zurich

There’s nothing quite like freshly picked local strawberries. Not only do they taste so much better than strawberries in the supermarket which have been flown in from miles away, but when you pick them yourself you also have the satisfaction of communing a little with nature and knowing exactly where the produce has come from.

Perfect Activity For All The Family

It’s a fun family activity and young children love to join in. Luckily in Zurich there are a few places where you can go and pick your own.

Strawberry Picking in and Around Zurich

Mid May Onwards

The season starts anytime from around mid May and lasts until around early July depending around on the weather. Do call the farm or check the grower’s website before you set off, as sometimes they will have none left as they’ve all been picked, or the season is over and other times they might have had problematic weather conditions and they’re not open. Also, when the season is nearing the end sometimes the “pick your now” facilities won’t be open – but you may still be able to purchase fruit in their farm shop or “Hofladen”.

The season is only short so do get out there when you can and enjoy finding the juiciest, sweetest strawberries ever!

Strawberry Picking in and Around Zurich

Strawberry Picking Locations Near Zurich

Check out the following locations for strawberry picking:
Strawberry Picking at Jucker Farm
Address: Dorfstrasse 23, 8607 Seegräben
Tel: +41 44 934 34 84
At Jucker Farm, once the strawberries have finished, you can self-pick cherries and then later on in Summer blueberries.

Strawberry Picking at Priska & Jürg Morf
Address: Rütihof 5, 8602 Wangen
Tel: +41 44 833 21 38
Visit the website here 

Strawberry Picking at Tannenhof
Reto & Veronika Ciprian
Address: Rankstrasse 90, 8302 Kloten ZH
Tel: +41 78 760 02 28
Visit Tannenhof website here.

Strawberry Picking at Sunnenhof 
Daniela und Beat Stübi
Address: Sunnenhof 2, 8932 Mettmenstetten
Visit the Sunnenhof Website here

You may also find some small village farms offer strawberry picking on a “as and when” basis – so do check your local village farms too. Once you’ve picked your strawberries, how about trying a delicious strawberry recipe like one of those below.


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