Switzerland Bans Smoking on Railway Platforms

S10 train to Uetliberg

Switzerland Bans Smoking on Railway Platforms

The End Of The Line for That Last Puff

Switzerland Bans Smoking on Railway Platfors

Switzerland has taken longer than many European cities to clean up on smoking, but it has recently made some great strides. As recently as 2005 there were still smoking carriages on the SBB trains! However, although the trains are now smoke free one of the great bugbears we hear from our readers is that often people are lighting up all over the railway platform in a desperate attempt to have a last puff before boarding.

From 1st June 2019 No Smoking on Train Platforms

However, from 1st June 2019, that all changed. From now on all the train platforms in Switzerland have become smoke free.

Ban on Cigarettes Also Includes E-cigarettes

The new ban is not just for cigarettes but for E-cigarettes too. However, smokers don’t need to totally despair! Apparently, just like at the airport, there are designated areas set aside for smokers.

Clean Air Move Will Save SBB CHF 4 Million

The SBB reckon that they will save around CHF 4 million in this move from having to spend less money on cleaning costs.

Taking Bikes on the Train

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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