Top Summer Events in Zurich

Zürifäscht 2016 photos

Top Summer Events in Zurich

(and a very special one in Vevey)

Photos of Zürifäscht 2016

Züri Fäscht 5th – 7th July

Zurich always comes to life in the Summer and with 2.5 million people expected for Züri Fäscht this year it’s bound to be busy! Luckily there is plenty in store for everyone and with the weather set to be sunny and hot it should be a great atmosphere. See this article for full details.


Ironman 21st July

The Ironman is a real test of endurance for those participating and is a great spectator sport for those who prefer to watch. Consisting of a course made up of a 42.2km run, a 180.2km bike ride and a  3.8km swim – it all takes place in and around Zurich.  Visit the website here.

Ironman Zurich

Street Parade – 10th August

Photos of Street Parade Zurich 2015

One of the most famous events to hit the streets of Zurich, is the annual Street parade. Attracting over 1 million visitors a year, the Street parade is a must-visit event! The city is brought to life on August 10th, with hundreds of DJs blasting music from every corner of the city.

The Zürich Street Parade is the biggest techno gathering in the world, and has become an event which people travel from far and wide to attend. Unlike other music festivals around the world, the street parade will have over 30 moving stages, along with dozens of stationary ones. No matter where you walk- there will be music playing!

Visit the official Street Parade website to get more information, and to see a list of DJ’s who will be attending.

Street Parade 2018 Culture of Tolerance


Street Parade Zurich

Limmatschwimmen – 17th August

Limmatschwimmen Zurich 2013 ©

Since 1945, the Limmatschwimmen has taken place every year at the end of August, to celebrate the last days of Summer. For people who wish to complete, the swim will begin at 12:00 on the 17th of August. Once the competitive race has finished, the river will be opened up to everyone who would like to swim for fun.

This event is a great opportunity for swimmers of all ages, and is the only day of the year when the top part of the Limmat is open for the public to swim in. For more information, visit the official Limmatschwimmen website.

Limmatschwimmen Zurich 2013 ©Geoff Pegler

Limmat Swim 2015

Weltklasse – 29th August 2019

Weltklasse takes place every year at the end of August at Letzigrund.  It is a world-class track and field event and is a final of the IAAF Diamond League. As well as ticket only viewing at the stadium in Letzigrund there are events taking place and live screens at Zurich main station too. Find out more here.

Usain Bolt at Weltklasse in Zurich

Zürcher Theater Spektakel – 15th Aug to 1st September

zurich theatre spektakel at Landiwiese

The Zürcher Theater Spektakel takes place every year toward the end of Summer at the Landiwiese area around Wollishofen in Zurich. It’s a great event for anyone who loves all types of theatre and culture. The main event is located right on the lake and on the special “Saffa-Insel” and there are all sorts of theatre performances across 13 different stages there, as well at at the Rote Fabrik and at Schiffbau. Find out more here.

Fete Des Vignerons Vevey 18th July – 11th August – A Once in A Generation Event

Fete des vignerons Vevey Switzerland 2019

This event takes place not in Zurich, but in Vevey. It’s a celebration of the wine area around Vevey and the skills of the winemakers. It takes place in a grand arena which has been specially built in the town and will be a very impressive event. Since it only takes place once in a generation, if you miss it this Summer you will have to wait another 20 – 25 years before you can see it again! Find out all about it here.

Fete des Vignerons 2019 Vevey Switzerland


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