Fabulous Coffee Drinks With The Nespresso Barista 

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Fabulous Coffee Drinks With The Nespresso Barista 

Fabulous Coffee Drinks

With The Nespresso Barista 

Have you seen the Nespresso Barista? This Nespresso machine doesn’t actually make coffee, but it does help turn you into a great barista! Intrigued? Let me tell you more …

Fabulous Coffee Drinks With The Nespresso Barista

It’s a clever machine that you use in conjunction with your regular Nespresso coffee maker and it enables you to create an amazing range of hot and cold drinks. It consists of a removable jug and lid, with a large whisk which attaches magnetically to the base. For ease of use everything – except the base – is dishwasher-proof.

How It Works

You simply plug the Barista in, choose the coffee recipe you would like to make from the choice on the LED menu on the front of the machine (or from a selection of recipes on the App) and add the ingredients to the jug and press go! Typically the machine uses ingredients like cream, milk and ice along with the Nespresso coffee of your choice to create a coffee masterpiece.

Nespresso Barista Creations Milky Coffees

Recipe Book and App

The Barista comes its own recipe book with a wonderful selection of coffee drinks and of course, you can even improvise and create your own drinks too. Each recipe takes you step by step through the process and they are very easy to follow. You don’t even need to measure most of the time as the whisk has lines on it denoting the minimum (100ml), intermediate (150ml) and maximum (250ml) fluid levels and each recipe tells you exactly what you need. Whilst your regular Nespresso coffee machine makes your coffee, the Barista takes care of the rest.

Fabulous Coffee Drinks With The Nespresso Barista

Flat White

Nespresso Barista Flat White

Photo courtesy of Nespresso

An easy example is a flat white. You simply make your regular Nespresso coffee in a cup and whilst that is being made, you place the required amount of cold milk into the Barista, choose the flat white program and a wonderful microfoam of milk is produced which you simply spoon onto your coffee – et voilà!

Espresso Con Panna

Nespresso Barista Espresso Con Panna

 Photo courtesy of Nespresso

Another example is Espresso Con Panna – or espresso with whipped cream. For this recipe, you make your coffee with your chosen capsule in a small cup and place 100ml of cream (along with a little sugar if you wish) in the jug, select the Espresso Con Panna recipe from the display and press start. The cream comes out of the jug in loose peaks and is perfect for placing on top of your coffee. In fact this consistency would also be ideal for putting on scones for afternoon tea along with jam!

Nespresso Barista Iced Nitro

If you’re looking for a refreshing cold coffee drink, you should really try the iced nitro. You place 3 ice cubes into the Barista jug, add your espresso shot and top it up with cold water to the max line. Simply select Iced Nitro from the menu and the machine then creates the foamiest and most refreshing Iced Nitro Coffee.

Nespresso Barista Iced Nitro

Photo courtesy of Nespresso

Nespresso Barista Hot chocolate and mocha

Another favourite is the hot chocolate recipe which is rich, creamy and wonderful! You simply use milk and chocolate and the machine does all the work. A coffee mocha is also a great Wintertime drink too.

Nespresso Barista App

Nespresso Barista app

The Nespresso App is available for both Apple and Android and gives you access to additional coffee recipes and allows you to choose new ones to add to the machine, as well reorder the ones on the machine.

The Perfect Gift For Any Coffee Lover

Fabulous Coffee Drinks With The Nespresso Barista

The Nespresso Barista is a fabulous machine for anyone who loves coffee and has fun experimenting. The recipe is packed with suggestions and there are yet more ideas on the App, but the best thing is that you can literally let your imagination run away with you and create your own twists on the recipes too – just as you can with your cocktail shaker. I had great fun using mine – one tip though – always remember to hold on to the whisk in the middle when pouring out your drinks!

So whether you’re an Iced Frapuccino, a Flat White fan, or a Mocha fan, you can enjoy creating the most stylish coffees ever with the Nespresso Barista.

Fabulous Coffee Drinks With The Nespresso Barista 

This article was Sponsored by Nespresso but all views are my own


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