21+ Interesting Things To Do To Avoid Corona Boredom

Things to do to avoid Corona boredom

21+ Interesting Things To Do To Avoid Corona Boredom

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What's On In Zurich End of February Early March 2020

Now that the government has announced its latest measure to combat the Corona Virus many of us will have more free time on our hands than we have had in a long time. On being asked what can we do with all the extra time on our hands, here are some suggestions.

Corona Update As Of 20th March 2020

As of 20th March 2020, in Switzerland extra measures were put in place, with a reduction in public transport services and in addition to the recent closing of bars, restaurants, museums, galleries, gyms and sports facilities and shops (except for food stores and pharmacies), many open spaces in Zurich have now been closed off to the public. These now include many park areas, the lake shore at Bellevue and Uttoquai, Blatterwiese Zurichhorn, the Arboretum, the Badis at Tiefenbrunnen, Mythenquai & Oberer Letten and Bäckeranlage and Fritschiwiese. Furthermore the the chairs on Sechselaeutenplatz at Bellevue and Muensterhof have been removed.

Social Distancing

You should aim to stay home as much as possible only leaving the house for essential work travel or for food groceries or to go to the pharmacy or the bank or post office. When you do go out you must keep a distance of 2m from everyone else and you must not be in a group of more than 5 people in total. Failure to comply may result in a fine of CHF 100.

Things To Do At Home

Thanks to everyone for sending in their suggestions! You’re welcome to send us more! 🙂

  1. Use the phone to keep in contact with people who maybe you have not been in touch with for a while, or have got out of the habit of calling. For example elderly relatives, friends you haven’t see or spoken to for a while. Why not get back in touch with all the people on your Christmas Card list and just see how they are doing and how they are coping. A kind word and a good deed goes a long way, especially in these troubled times.
  2. Learn a new language. There are plenty of Language Schools who are looking at new ways to support their students both online and via phone and Skype etc and so many online resources.
  3. Learn to play chess.
  4. Play cards with your family.
  5. Pick up that guitar or get back to the piano and do some practice or maybe learn a new instrument – there are plenty of online resources.
  6. Try out new recipes and practice techniques that require a lot of time or patience. Enthrall your family with the results! How about baking your own bread at home, trying out recipes for Irish Soda bread ( which doesn’t need yeast) or maybe Sour dough. Get your children involved so they can bake or create something too. Check out some of our easy recipes here.
  7. Create some Flavoured Oils to savour later. It’s very easy to make Chilli Oil, Rosemary infused oil etc and they make great presents too.
  8. Read books that have you have bought but either given up or never found the time to read in the first place. Spend more time reading to your young children.
  9. Instead of meeting up with friends use Skype to have a “Conference call Book Club” meeting to discuss the books you have read.
  10. Phone up friends to find out which films they have seen and recommend or which documentaries or series they really enjoyed.
  11. Check up on your elderly relatives who live not too far away and may feel even more isolated than usual.
  12. Check up on your elderly or frail neigbours, especially those living alone. Leave a note with your contact details under their door or in their post box.
  13. Find a list of quotes online and start the day with a quote or idea to inspire you each day.
  14. Write a letter to a friend or relative.
  15. Tidy a shelf or a cupboard. Or maybe tackle a whole room.
  16. Get your children to try a drawer or cupboard of toys or clothes.
  17. Begin or pracise yoga – there are plenty of resources online for people of all levels.
  18. Begin or practice pilates – again lots of online resources available.
  19. Learn a new skill – like calligraphy or start painting.
  20. Practise or learn the art of meditation.
  21. Think of one charity you are interested and see how you can help.
  22. What not volunteer for Einanderhelfen Charity which aims to help the vulnerable and the elderly with little jobs and errands that could mean a lot to them in this time of crisis. Find out all about Einanderhelfen here.
  23. Contact your gym or personal trainer to see what online options they have or to see if they can send you an online schedule and maybe use Skype or FaceTime instead.
  24. Learn to get a full night’s sleep again – this might be a luxury that you haven’t enjoyed for a while – but something that’s definitely worth investing in.
  25. Create a Photo Book. Spend the time organising your photos into a Photo Book that you can treasure. If you have a lot of photos and don’t know where to start Carmen.photo is now offering a custom photo book making service.
  26. Use up food in the freezer and  try new recipes to spice it up with different recipes.
  27. Home Delivery Food – See which restaurants and shops are doing home delivery services so if you can still enjoy a restaurant dinner in the comfort of your own home. Check out our list here of take away and delivery services.
  28. Phone a vulnerable or elderly neighbour to see if you can fetch any shopping for them
  29. Take out a Sky or Netflix subscription or watch an online series you have never had the time to before
  30. Get the board games out and play with your family
  31. Turn an old table into a ping pong table and get your kids helping make it and then playing on it
  32. Let the children play with costumes and have fun dressing up (get the Halloween costumes created early?)
  33. Take on a DIY project at home, for example wallpaper or paint a room,
  34. Tidy a wardrobe – and take your unused clothes to charity
  35. Mend your clothes – add those buttons, shorten those trousers, mend that dress
  36. Do some home beauty treatments – manicures, pedicures, face masks, change your hair colour – learn to give a massage by watching a Youtube video.
  37. Learn something new via a YouTube tutorial
  38. Update your CV & LinkedIn Profile. Get a professional headshot by Carmen Sirboiu Photography – she is doing outdoor shots to maintain Social distancing where no contact is required.
  39. Buy some seeds from your supermarket and start growing your own herbs on your windowsill, balcony or garden. As well as herbs you might want to try growing tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables.
  40. In the evenings arrange “virtual drinks parties” with friends where you connect over FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. You could also organise “virtual dinner parties” too.
  41. Try doing some puzzles or jigsaws – they are very both addictive.
  42. Buy some Audio Books – companies like Audible have a huge range to choose from
  43. Find some podcasts to listen to – there are so many subject covered you’re bound to find something you’re interested in .

Do you have any other ideas to add? If so, email us or write a comment below.

For Corona Advice Updates

There is plenty of advice online if you need information or advice. You can also contact your health insurer or your doctor by phone. Do not go to the surgery or hospital to avoid contaminating others.

Click here for World Health Organisation Guidelines and Advice

Click here for Swiss Health Guidelines and Advice

Click here for NHS Health Guidelines and Advice

Corona Virus health recommendation s

*** Stay at home, wash your hands regularly and avoid other people ***

Good luck and stay safe!

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