Einanderhelfen – How To Help Others in Times of COVID-19

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Einanderhelfen - How To Help Others in Times of COVID-19

Einanderhelfen – How To Help Others in Times of COVID-19

Einanderhelfen - How To Help Others in Times of COVID-19

A new platform was launched last week in Switzerland to help the most vulnerable people to cope with everyday life with the threat of COVID-19. Called www.einanderhelfen.ch it was founded by four Swiss people as a platform where volunteers can advertise their services in a bid to help those in need. This initiative helps to ensure that people who are at risk are able to safely stay at home to avoid the risk of serious illness and any subsequent overload on the health system.

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The four founders, Kevin Dick, Cyrill Tröndle and Adrian Thoma,  realising the seriousness of the COVID-19 situation created the marketplace so that vulnerable people and volunteers can get in contact easily. The idea is that all those in “at risk” groups stay at home and do not become infected with the virus, thus not requiring any health care.

The Platform Bring Together Volunteers & Those In Need

The platform www.einanderhelfen.ch has now gone live and you can search for help by location and by topic. Volunteers offer their services, such as running errands, support with computer problems, gardening, caring for pets or waste disposal by registering on the platform and those seeking help can search though the offers.

An Example From the Home Page of einanderhelfen.ch:

Einanderhelfen - How To Help Others in Times of COVID-19

All of this is done anonymously and to begin with only the request and an approximate location are visible. As soon as the selected request is clicked, a form goes to the person to be contacted and it can then be discussed individually.

The founders are urgently appealing to the people of Switzerland to show solidarity and be part of this community to overcome this crisis together. For those who don’t have access to the Internet, www.einanderhelfen.ch provides forms that can be filled in.


Both the use of the platform and the work done by the volunteers is free of charge. If you would like to volunteer or would just like more information visit www.einanderhelfen.ch here.


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