Things To Know for the Self Employed in Zurich in Times of Corona

Things To Know for the Self Employed in Zurich in Times of Corona

Things To Know for the Self Employed in Zurich in Times of Corona

Top Tips On Working Effectively From Home

Corona Virus and Employment

The advent of the Corona Virus has brought with huge uncertainty for everyone. If you’re employed  by a company there is a certain amount of protection in place – but what about help for the self-employed?

Measures For The Self Employed

We spoke to Angie Weinberger of Global People Transitions and she advised us that the government has put some measures in place. The first thing she advised was to check out the Social Security Guidance on the subject.

Forms for Loss Of Income

There is a form for applying for social security to cover loss of earnings or “Erwerbsersatzentschädigung” for self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, small business owners and others who are in this classification. Click here for the link to the form.

If you are insured with SVA there is further guidance – click here for details.

Otherwise, you will need to contact your “Ausgleichskasse”. You can see the details here.

Things You Will Need

Before you start filling in the forms Angie advises that you make sure you have to hand:

1) Your AHV Nummer (13-digits) = Individual Social Security number.
2) Abrechnungsnummer = The number under which your small company is registered at SVA or Ausgleichskasse.
3) Doctor’s certificate for quarantine (this can be ordered by email).

COVID-19 Bank Loans for Startups

Also if you are an SME in Switzerland you are now able to apply for special deals on bank loans to survive the current Corona situation. You can get loans up to CHF 500,000 with a 100% guarantee from the Swiss Government and above CHF 500,000 with an 85% guarantee.You can find out more here. Please note that you can apply for up to a maximum of 10% of your turnover.

Angela Weinberger Career Consultant Zurich

Special Offer

Angie Weinberger is offer a FREE copy of the Global Mobility Workbook to anyone entering the voucher code COVID19 on her website.

Angie Weinberger Global Mobility Handbook

Angie Weinberger is the Global Mobility Coach, a Global Mobility Project Manager and Managing Director of Global People Transitions GmbH in Zürich. She offers programmes for Expats, Expats Spouses and Global Mobility Managers (HireMe! FlyMe! or RockMe!). Angie wrote and published the Global Career Workbook, a self-help job search guide for internationally mobile professionals, and the Global Mobility Workbook.


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