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Living in Zurich – Top 10 things to do in Zurich, Sightseeing in Zurich

Living in Zurich is a great experience – particularly if you know what to do and where to go.  “Living” is a new section in which we will be sharing useful tips and information about our favourite haunts in and around town.  If you have a favourite place that you have discovered that you would like to share please email newinzurich@gmail.com with the details and hopefully we will be able to feature it in our guide.

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If you’re new in Zurich or you’ve got some visitors you’d like to take around the city check out our “Friends of Places” Map for some key attractions:

Click here to see a map of Zurich by Friends of Places

Below you can find a list of a few key places you could take your visitors to when they come over to visit!

Whirlwind Tour of Zurich for Visitors:

1. Why not visit the Grossmunster Cathedral – climb up all 187 steps to the top of this famous twin towered Romanesque church, take in the magnificent views over of the city and walk back down all the steps again – no lift option!. You will definitely then deserve….

2. A hot chocolate at Cafe Schober in the Niederdorf.  Why not go for the extra whipped cream on top? And if it’s cold why not do as the locals do, and add a snifter of alcohol to warm yourself up – there’s a variety on offer!  If you go upstairs to the red velvet and gilt room with the piano you will instantly feel warm and cosy on a cold day and well, just happy on a sunny day! If it’s really warm why not go outside onto the patio area and enjoy some rays amongst the foliage.

3. Whilst you’re in the Niederdorf go for a stroll and  take a walk along the Gemusebruecke or Rathausbruecke, past Weinplatz, walk up Weggengasse and take at look at St Peter’s Church with the biggest clock face in Europe.  It’s even bigger than it’s more famous cousin Big Ben!

4. Whilst you’e walking along this historic area you must visit the Lindenhof – the real heart of Zurich.  This is where Zurich was founded by the Romans – or, as some are now saying by the Celts! In any case it is a great place to take some photos and enjoy the views.

5. Once you get back down why not visit the Frauenmunster and admire the magnificent stained glass windows by Marc Chagall?

7. When you come out of the Frauenmunster do take a look at the statue to Hans Waldmann straight ahead of you.

6. After all this walking and viewing you may well be in need of another drink.  Why not go to Brasserie Lipp and take the lift to the Jules Verne Bar to have an aperitif or a coffee and see Zurich from another angle?  Great views again and another perspective.

7. Surely by now it’s time for a bit of shopping? Or even just window shopping?  Bahnhofstrasse is Zurich’s premier shopping street and is definitely worth a stroll.

8. If you walk along Bahnhofstrasse towards Lake Zurich you can take in the lovely lake views and why not have your photo taken next to the famous statue of Ganymede?

9. Well it’s probably time for a meal by now so you could choose from a Bratwurst at Sternen Grill at Bellevue for something on the go, or pop into Globus Bellevue for a choice of tasty self-service options – or why not incorporate a trip out to Zuri West and visit Prime Tower? At 126m high it is the tallest building in Switzerland and you can certainly enjoy a meal with a view.

10. After Prime Tower take the train from Hardbrucke back to Zurich Hauptbahnhof and you’re back in the centre of town.

Zurich ©NewInZurich

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