Champagne with a View – Lanson on the Rooftop at Modissa


Champagne with a View - Lanson on the Rooftop at Modissa


Champagne with a View –

Lanson on the Rooftop at Modissa


The other day I was invited to a Lanson champagne lunch at the Rooftop Restaurant at Modissa in Zurich. If you’ve not visited this pretty terrace restaurant perched high on top of the Modissa store, you really should give it a go. Not only are the views over Bahnhofstrasse superb – but the food is great too. It’s a convenient place to meet friends for cocktails or a glass of champagne – or just to unwind after a strenuous afternoon’s shopping!

Champagne and the British Connection

When we arrived we were greeted with a glass of Lanson champagne with a raspberry  in the glass – a small touch which instantly made it look very Summery and pretty.

lanson champagne lunch at modissa

Lanson champagne is very well known in the UK and I was surprised that until now I hadn’t seen so much of it in Switzerland. We were told that it does indeed have a very strong British connection. In fact since the late 19th century, Lanson has been supplying champagne by royal appointment to British Royal Family and even today it displays the coat of arms of Elizabeth II on its bottles. Well that’s enough to raise your glass to – and we duly did, as we tried the first champagne, which was the Lanson White Label Sec which comes in an attractive white bottle giving it instant Summer appeal.

lanson champagne lunch at modissa

Making Champagne

We had a talk from Marco of Richterich & Partner and Domink of Diwisa the importer, on how Lanson champagne is produced.

Marco Boppart

Dominik explained that the grapes for Lanson champagne are pressed within 4 hours of being picked for the first fermentation. A second fermentation follows in the bottle itself which can last from months up to several years. Time and dedication is required for this second process which necessitates daily rotation of the bottles – in fact Lanson employ people whose job it is to make these small rotations every day across thousands of bottles in order produce the perfect glass of champagne.

lanson champagne lunch at modissa Zurich

The Champagnes We Tasted

After the talk on how champagne is made we made our way into the restaurant to try our next champagne, the Lanson Label Rosé Brut which accompanied our soup course.

Champagne with a View - Lanson on the Rooftop at Modissa

This was followed by Lanson Extra Age Blanc de Blanc with the main course, a delicious Thai chicken curry.

thai curry

To accompany the dessert we had the Lanson Ivory Label which was a Demi-Sec. It was a great experience comparing and contrasting the different flavours of each of the champagnes and a wonderful way to learn a little more about this fascinating drink. For more information on the champagnes we tasted please visit the Diwisa website where there are full descriptions.

lanson-champagne-lunch at Modissa

Photo © Boris Baldinger

With thanks to Eileen of Coolbrandz for the invitation and to Dominik from Diwisa, and Marco Boppart from Richterich & Partner for the tasting. For more information on Modissa’s Rooftop Restaurant see here.

All photos by NewInZurich (except group photo) taken on an Olympus OMD EM 10


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