Focus – Instagram’s New Portrait Mode for Photos & Video

Focus - Instagram's New Portrait Mode for Photos & Video

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Roxy .

Focus – Instagram’s New Portrait Mode for Photos & Video

If you’re having fun taking lots of photos of yourself in and around Zurich on your phone, you might be interested to know that Instagram has come out with a cool new option. With the latest update of the Instagram app, you can now use “Focus” which gives you a “portrait mode” setting for both photos and video!

What is Focus or Portrait Mode?

Focus or portrait mode is when your subject is sharp and in focus, but the background is blurry. Many new Smartphones offer this option for photos, but if you have an older Smartphone it may not. What is new about this offering from Instagram is that it works on videos too, something currently unavailable on Smartphones!

Which Smartphones Does Focus Work on Currently?

You can use Focus on the iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X as well as certain Android devices.

In order for to use Focus, you need to have Instagram version 39.0 for iOS, which you can get at the Apple App Store and for Android from Google Play.

How Do You Use Focus?

Instagram have written an article all about the new feature, but quite simply, the Focus button is situated right next to “Superzoom” . You can easily find it under the red record button when you open the camera on the app.

Focus - Instagram's New Portrait Mode for Photos & Video

The first thing you see is “find a face” as it tries to detect a face. Once it has found a face it will focus on that and blur the background, even if you are taking a video too! As you can imagine the new Focus mode is perfect for portraits and for selfies too.

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