Jean Luc Amsler Haute Couture Fashion at The Dolder Grand

Jean Luc Amsler


Jean Luc Amsler Haute Couture Fashion at The Dolder Grand


Jean Luc Amsler

Jean Luc Amsler

Last night AMSLER & Jean Luc Amsler put on an exclusive presentation of Haute Couture Fashion at The Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. 

Jean Luc Amsler Collection Fetiche Dolder Grand Zurich

The Franco-Swiss fashion designer was also present during the evening to mingle, talk to the guests and answer any questions about the collection which was entitled “Surréaliste”.

Jean Luc Amsler Collection Fetiche

The lounge at the Dolder Grand was filled with exquisite frocks and dresses and some of the designs were quite dramatic.

Jean Luc Amsler Collection Fetiche Dolder Grand

Jean Luc Amsler

Also in evidence was lots of sleek, mysterious black  – but this was balanced by some very colourful pieces which really stood out.

Jean Luc Amsler Fetiche Collection

Karine Cevoz-Goyat with one of the brightest dresses

The collection itself was stunning and the lounge of the Dolder Grand was a great place to display the dresses. Being shown on mannequins meant you could get right up close and actually touch and feel the material and see the minute design details. There were plenty of people from Zurich’s fashion world at the event including one of our favourite stylists, Clifford Lilley, below, who will be leading the Kreislauf 4 & 5 Guided Tour in English next Saturday. See here for details. 

Clifford Lilley at the Jean Luc AMSLER fashion at Dolder

Clifford Lilley

Jean Luc Amsler has worked with some of the greatest names in the fashion world – people such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Cartier for example. However, now under his own name, AMSLER & Jean Luc Amsler, he is creating some wonderfully inspired and dramatic pieces. He even has a perfume range to complement his fashion line.

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