LUMAS Gallery – Claudio Gotsch’s Engadin Photos

LUMAS Gallery - Claudio Grotsch’s Engadin Photos

Photo © Claudio Gotsch at LUMAS Gallery


LUMAS Gallery –

Claudio Gotsch’s Engadin Photos


Interested in going to the Engadin this Spring but can’t seem to get away? A visit to the LUMAS Gallery’s exhibit of Claudio Gotsch’s Engadin photos might be the next best thing.

Two types of Gotsch’s photos are on view at the Niederdorf gallery – life-size portraits of native Engadiner animals and sprawling panoramas of the Graubunden’s most renowned valleys. All of the photos have a sharp-focus hyper-real quality as well as a majestic point of view that mesmerize the viewer.

The highly-detailed works require long hours both in the wild and the studio, Gotsch, a longtime Engadin resident, explained. Gotsch spends days at a time in remote mountain and forest areas hidden under specially constructed enclosures with only a few cameras lenses as a lookout. He must remain covered so that the elk, marmot, highland cows, foxes, etc do not see, hear or smell him.

“I am always trying to get the perfect look of an animal. To do that, I sometimes have to sit for eight hours without moving, just waiting,” says Gotsch.

Once he gets a candid shot, he enlarges it and blackens out the background, highlighting the animals’ features and giving the form a sculptural quality. The limited-edition large-format photos range in size and format.

The multi-level space also offers views of other works from the gallery network’s massive collection, including work by Damien Hirst, Joseph Beuys, Werner Pawlok, Lukas Dvorak and many more.

Location: LUMAS Zurich, Marktgasse 9, 8001.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm. Sat 10am-6pm.

Admission: Free

Tel: +41 432 68 03 30

For more information please visit LUMAS gallery website.

Article written and researched by Jennifer Lisle. Jennifer is a Zurich-based freelance journalist who has written for The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and Elle, among many others.


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