Pavillon of Reflections Zurich

Pavillon of Reflections Zurich


Pavillon of Reflections Zurich


You may have noticed a large wooden construction floating in the middle of lake Zurich. It’s a brand new architectural statement providing a focus for the 100-days of Zurich’s art biennial and it’s part of the Manifesta Arts event which this year is taking place in Zurich.

Every two years the Manifesta event takes place in a different European city and this year it’s the turn of Zurich for the Manifesta 11 edition from 11th June to 18th September 2016.

The Pavilion of Reflections on the lake is a space for dialogue and reflection for the “biennial art” and has been created in cooperation with students from the ETH. It’s set to become the newest place to go in Zurich right now – located just off Bellevue, on the edge of Lake Zurich.

Christian Jankowski’s Vision for the Pavillon of Reflections

“We conceived the Pavillon of Reflections as a floating, multifunction platform with a giant LED screen, a stand for spectators, a swimming pool and a bar as the central forum for the mediatisation and reflection of all the new artistic productions at Manifesta 11”, said the curator of Manifesta, Christian Jankowski. “In the daytime, the Pavillon of Reflections will function as an urban island, a meeting place and open-air swimming area, while at night it will be a venue to reflect on the artworks presented.” There will be films screened in the Pavillon documenting how the new artworks came to fruition and information about the various other projects which form part of the Manifesta exhibition.

Pavillon of Reflections Zurich

The Pavillon of Reflections – a New Public Swimming Area

As a facility for providing public swimming, the Pavillon of Reflections fits in perfectly with an old Zurich tradition of public swimming pools which dates back to Roman times. In fact Zurich has one of the highest densities of public swimming facilities of all European cities, boasting approximately 30 lake or river swimming areas in addition to around 20 public swimming pools, also known as “Badis”.

So whether you fancy going for a swim or to watch a film, do go and take a look at the latest exhibition location in Zurich. For more information on the ideas behind the Manifesta exhibition please visit the Manifesta 11 website or read our article about the Manifesta events all over Zurich here.

You can also click on the short video below to see what it’s like:


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