Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase

at Glattzentrum

14th August – 9th September 2017

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Located within a section of the Glatt Zentrum Shopping Centre in Wallisellen, fashion and photography are the words of the day. The new Photo 18 Fashion Showcase exhibition, enables you to see the work of fashion photographers who have approached their art in multiple different ways. You also have the opportunity of meeting the artists themselves and seeing their intentions in print alongside other artists.

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Live Shoot Open To The Public

The exhibition runs from 14th August – 9th September and in addition to seeing the artist’s work, addiitonally, visitors will get the chance to see a “live photo shoot” in the Glatt Zentrum from the 24th of August, with the possibility of taking part in a catalogue of new photography produced by professional artists. A splendid opportunity to see artists at work first hand!

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

The Photographers

The exhibition features the work of multiple photographic artists – Oliver Baer, Xandra Linsin, Lucretia Mettier, Christian Dietrich, Jon Godwin, Barbara Sigg, Jaqueline Lipp, Livia Fadden, Ellin Anderegg and Andrea Monica Hug, most of whom are both exhibiting and conducting one of the live photoshoots.

Nina Burri

On Saturday 26th August contortionist Nina Burri will be appearing as a special guest at the live shooting event.

Meeting The Photographers

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Oliver Baer’s exhibit shows the contrast between the model in a photoshoot and the model in a natural state, with vibrant contrasts in colour in exploring facade and personality. What is most striking is the contrast of how the models look on the flip side of the two boards.

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Barbara Sigg shows how the heritage of one’s family can influence the work of a photographer. Coming from a long line of photographers, the artist adds to her work by making them in the style of an old photography shoot. Not only showing where photography is today with the sharp quality and colour, but its roots in the borders of old film.

Photographer Christian Dietrich Photo 18 Glattzentrum

Christian Dietrich’s work shows a catalogue of success in the field of commercial photography. Showing a display of work he has done for glamour magazines and other projects in order to create an impressive portfolio of work to see at the exhibition.

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

If you have any passing interest in photography, this event will entice as it is a real insight into the mind of a photographer. A rare opportunity to see a snapshot in the life of both a model and a photographer.

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase at Glattzentrum

Photo 18 Fashion Showcase

When: 14th August to 9th September 2017

Where: Glatt Zentrum, Wallisellen 8304

Public Transport: by S8, S14 and S 19 to Wallisellen
Or Number 12 Tram to Glatt Zentrum

Cost: FREE!

For more information visit the Glattzentrum website here. 

Article by Jan de Boer

All photos Christina Fryer


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