Smartwatcher App – a new Swiss App to Keep you Safe

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Smartwatcher App - a new Swiss App to Keep you Safe

Smartwatcher App –

A new Swiss App to Keep you Safe



Life is full of uncertainties and a new Swiss app has just been launched to deal with just these unpredictabilities. It’s called Smartwatcher. It works with your Smartwatch and is designed to enhance your safety and to help protect you.

The app works at the moment on the Apple Watch and on smartphones (both Android and iOS), but there are plans for it to work with the Android watch in Q1 2016 too. The service offers personal continuous monitoring and asks you to confirm that you’re safe. You choose the people you would like to be in your safety network – people who need to know where you are and whom you trust. If you don’t confirm that you’re safe when it’s activated, people in your safety network will automatically be alerted. This feature is ideal if you’re walking home alone, going for a run, visiting dangerous parts of town, or whenever you feel you may need it.

It could also be a great help for aged or disabled friends or relatives.

See the video below to get an idea:


For more information please visit the Smartwatcher website.


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