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Freitag F512 voyager bag

FREITAG Bags Out of Recycled Tarpaulin

The Swiss company FREITAG is well known for its trendy recycled bags made of tarpaulin from trucks. You’ve probably noticed them all round town but if you’ve never had one of the bags yourself – now’s the time to try out the F512 VOYAGER travel bag for free!

FREITAG are running this special offer for the second time this Summer holiday season and all you need to do is visit one of their FREITAG stores (they have 3 in Zurich) and select and borrow your unique F512 VOYAGER edition from the colourful range they have in stock. Don’t forget to take along your ID! The loan of the bag is 100% free for you take on your holiday of up to three weeks.

The F512 Voyager

The F512 is a tough, supremely practical holiday bag which can be carried by hand with two strong hand grips or worn like a rucksack on your back and is fitted with adjustable, padded shoulder straps. It has a capacity of 33 litres and has a zipped inner compartment as well as quick access outer compartments.

The F511 SKIPPER Bag

From 27th July 2017, the brand-new and slightly smaller F511 SKIPPER is also part of this deal too!

The Deal

The only thing you need to do is take some holiday photos of the bag on Instagram and hashtag them #gonewithFREITAG. At the end of the three weeks take it back to the store and if you’ve fallen in love with your FREITAG bag you can even buy it.

Hurry though and take advantage of the offer before it ends and have a wonderful holiday! Take a look at the range of FREITAG F512 Voyager bags  and the F511 Skipper bags here.

Freitag F512 voyager bag


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