Coffee and Ricola Non Alcoholic Cocktail

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10 Out of 10 at Mövenpick Restaurant 20/20 Zurich


Coffee and Ricola Non Alcoholic Cocktail

We recently tried this coffee cocktail at a Lunch at the Mövenpick 20/20 Restaurant in Zurich and really enjoyed it. It’s quite sweet with a little coffee kick to it and it looks very pretty!

If you would like to make it at home here is the recipe:


300 ml of iced Filter Coffee (see method below)

50 ml redcurrant or cranberry juice

20 ml of fresh lemon juice

30 ml Ricola syrup (see details below)

Lots of ice


  1. Make the Ricola syrup by gently heating 15 Ricola sweet with 150 grams of sugar in 150 mls of water until they are all dissolved. Set aside to cool.
  2. Brew some filter coffee with the double amount of coffee you normally use. Pour hot coffee over the same amount of ice immediately to cool down. (eg. For 200 ml strong coffee use 200 grams of ice)
  3. Mix all the ingredients and and pour over ice in large glasses.
  4. Garnish with sprigs of redcurrants and slices of lemon

To ring the changes you can make different syrups instead for example raspberry elderflower or one of your choosing.

10 Out of 10 at Mövenpick Restaurant 20/20 Zurich


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